If you work so hard at a job you hate, imagine what you could accomplish at one you love. 

~ Unknown

That old saying, "You can't choose your family" is very much similar to any workplace.  

Dysfunctional and toxic... yes every family member has that certain someone in their family. 

As do our workplaces. 

  • The Mother Hen who has taken everyone under their wing to hear all the gossip to keep it going, which happens in the workplace. 

  • The Dead Beat who brings the team down with poor performance.

  • The Cry Baby who is in a constant turmoil because no one will use his ideas and always storms off, slams objects and makes sure EVERYONE hears how "unfair" life is. 

  • The Lime Lighter who is always taking credit for others' work and is doing what is best for her and not what is best for the team.

There are so many more... 

These individuals are draining to be around. 

The energy can be sucked out of you faster than you realize, you can find yourself down a rabbit hole before...

It's not hard to make decisions when you know what your core values are. 

~ Roy Disney - co-founder of Disney

Have you ever taken the time to really find out what your core values are? 

I mean really take the time? 

That doesn't mean, when you do something that makes you feel good, you say, "It was in my core values in which I did the deed". 

Sure, that may be true, your core values are very much a part of your every day, but can you name your top 3 at an impulsive request? 

Go ahead! 

Name them! 

Did you find there were others that appeared into your mind to distract you. 

How easy was it finding 3? 


Even better, you can not narrow it down to just 3 as rambling off 20 was a breeze.  

This is what happened to me when I discovered and uncovered my true core values.

When asked to write down 8 core values...

I had none!

Let me rephrase that, I couldn't think of any that stood out over the rest..

Not because I didn't know myself.

Not because I was not was a cold at heart. 

It was because I had never...

To many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears. 

~ Les Brown

Think of your deepest fear right now. 

Did you notice, you had to search for it? 

Did you notice you had to actually bring it to the present moment. 

Fear only can be found in the past or future. Never in the moment. 

Now you may argue, "but Kryssie, what if I run into a snake." 

The snake just sitting there is not fearful. 

The thought of the snake from past experiences or lessons are causing you fear. 

The thought that the snake might be poisonous IF it bites you, causes the fear. 

"What IF it bites me Kryssie?"

Then you will most likely feel pain, the fear is the thought of what the bite is going to cause in the future from what you have experienced or learned. 

"But what if I die, Kryssie?"

The thought of you dying in the future is what causes you fear, the moment of death no one comes back to tell us what it was truly like. 

Let's face it, the built in fight or flight mode works wonders in these moments,...

Help people think better - Don't tell them what to do. 

~ David Rock

I recently read a book that exploded my thinking cap. 

It's a must share. 

Well that is what happened to me with the book Quiet Leader by David Rock. 

Let me start by saying... I hate being told what to do. 

I actually get into a pissy pant party if I get told what to do.

Just ask my parents, it started at a young age. 

The tag on this book... Help people think better - Don't tell them what to do, made me jump for joy! 

Unless a runaway bus is coming down the road directly toward me and I am on the crosswalk, then hell yes tell me to MOVE! 

But there is a larger picture.

I notice how everyone is googlfied! (My new word)

What is googlfied? 

My definition: a problem, idea or question comes to someones mind, and someone will google it to find the answer  instead of staying within their creative thinking to come up with something new or find they had the answers all along. 

Also known as a quick fix. 

Now this is not a ba...

A bitter heart will always eat their owner. 


Can you quickly go through your list of known people who are toxic? 

Sure you can, everyone knows someone who fits that criteria. 

If I was hiring for the position, I am sure you can suggest some very highly over qualified individuals who would be in the running. 

If you don't know what a toxic person is, bless your heart! 

You are in a great position, but reading this will give you some amazing tools to learn in case you ever run into one. 

There are many different types of toxic when I started researching, plus stood out to me as people I have had in my life. 

Here are 15 examples of Toxic People.

1. Gossip Grabbers 

These people love a great story. These people will deliberately tear down other people. They will usually start off a conversation with an assumption of what is going on in others situations.  

Non toxic people will not assume, they will mind their business and if others speak to them about others, they will shut...

 Whoever gossips to you, will gossip about you.

-Phillip Sydney

Have you ever been in a conversation that started with, "OMG have your heard that..." 


I have this one acquaintance who starts every starting sentence with, "you know I don't gossip right, but I just want to let you know..." 

Everyone at some point in their lives have been the creator of the rumor mill, joined in the rumor mill, been an ear for the rumor mill, or has been the topic of the rumor mill. 

Let's look at these and dissect the perspective of the giver and the receiver to understand. 


Yes, I want you to understand why people gossip, why you listen, or why you start it. 

The question to ask is simple...


So let's look at the different types of Rumor Mills...

Creator of the rumor mill.

There are 2 kinds of creators. 

One that tells their perspective as the truth, and those who just create because they can. 

People will believe their own thoughts as true about you even if it is the farthest thi...

I teach people how to treat me by what I allow.

- Steve Covey

When I first was introduced to the the concept of appreciation languages, I must say, I was a bit skeptical.

Everyone has something that helps with that one thing in which to fix everything. 


There is this method, and that code, oh but try this way and that way. 

After you learn these tools, then you are to remember, your animal meaning or color meaning. 

Damn... I must be red bull, cause now I am mad that I just spent the weekend learning the formula and now I forgot. 

At the time, I was going through my own personal self-growth, and always looking for a good audio-book. 

I was traveling to and from Toronto a ton with CUPW (Canadian Union of Postal Workers), as I was union president with negotiations in the very near future.

During one visit, I took advantage of my time in Ontario and headed to Ottawa, where my cousin lives with her family. 

When Marysia introduced and explained to me  the The 5 Love L...

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