You're Never to Old to Sell Yourself.

Who you knew mattered in the workforce. Well, lets face it, back in the day it sure did. When the heck did that change?

When my head came out of the sand, I had the knowledge I needed to get my new career on the go... everything had changed and word of mouth was out the door.

I have been one of those "lucky" kids, as my friends and co-workers would tell me how I was "the chosen one". (You would think I was someone like Neo from the Matrix, but no, just well connected). I have never had to apply for job, they have been handed to me from my work ethics, from opportunities and from who I knew. If you can create tires screeching in your mind right now... that is sounds I heard in my mind, when I thought to myself, lets find a new path!

In a way I felt cheated, like a rich child who had everything handed to them on a silver platter and had no life experiences. BUT I DO DANG IT! ( I am sure the rich kid says that too). Working hard, creating knowledge, getti...

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