A police officer once told me...

"There are 3 sides to every story. 

There is your side

There is their side

An somewhere in the middle, there is the truth"

That day, my life changed as to how I told stories and how I received stories . 

What happens when we tell a story? 

We attach emotion to the story to make it more enjoyable and believable to the person listening. 

Everyone tells their perspective of their interaction with the circumstance they are speaking of. 

And sometimes the story teller creates new events that take place to spice up the truth to make it more exciting. 

When in Grade 1, did you play telephone? 

Back when I was in grade 1, cell phones and cordless phones were non existent.

A teacher encouraging the class to play a game called telephone in this day and age would be way to distracting. 

But not back in 1981! 

The class would sit in a circle on the reading rug. 

The teacher would pick one student and pull them aside. 

She would whisper into their ear a story, only o...

Guilt is the most convincing emotion. 

Guilt is the most controlling emotion. 

Guilt sucks. 

I know this emotion all to well. 

From a life of having others use it to try and change my mind. 

To using it to try and change others minds.

What does guilt feels like in the body and mind.  

I did a quiet session of just sitting and feeling to find out. 


Knotted stomach! 

Mistaken for or creates anxiety! 

Self worth was forgotten in the moment!

When I put myself in this moment it was sad. Of course each people might have similar or very different descriptions, yet I am sure you can understand very well the control it has on you or others. 

If I was to paint a situation for you, which I am sure a lot can relate to, I would use the example of a child needing to get his or her way. 

A separated home, when the child is back and forth from mom's to dad's.

Each parent may have guilt because they couldn't stay to happy for the kids sake of having a happy life.

Yet, I know kids who have amazi...

 Everyone wants to improve where they are right now. Even if they do not admit it. 

It's human nature to want more out of life.

Yes, have gratitude for what is in your life now, it is an amazing tool, but that does not mean learning new tools to add to your gratitude list is wrong.

Hiring a life coach is more and more common to strive for a better life, better career, even a better version of ones self. 

Life coaches are NOT psychiatrists or psychologist, which are more for mental health issues. Yes some are trained to do both.

Life coaches ARE motivators and mentors to push past a specific problem.   

If you had a dream to play in the NHL (National Hockey League) you would attend hockey camps, hockey schools, or maybe your parents would hire you a professional one on one coach to push your skills to the next level. 

If you wanted to be an amazing pianist, you would go to the best arts school, sign up for lessons and maybe a one on one coach to push your skills to the next leve...

Did you know, that if you hate someone, that person controls you! 

Ok, if that new knowledge alone does not get you changing your thoughts of a situation to like, tolerance or even love, then read on. 

I can look all around me and find things that make me have emotions of anger, resentment, judgement, hatred, or any other less flattering emotion that keeps me feeling stuck as an individual. 

Those damn kids who walk slow across the crosswalk!

That one person, when they eat, they have their mouth wide open and shoveling more food in when they are not even finished what they started. 

That one person, who gossips about you, about the crap things she does herself. 

That one co-worker who complains about everything, yet does nothing himself. 

That boss who does everything and anything to find you doing something wrong. 

That nosy neighbor who peers through the blinds to at every move you make. 

The over bearing mother-in-law?

(I don't have one just in case Mam is reading, I might...

Do any of you just sit back and reflect on your individual worth?

Really reflect?

Some of my clients have programmed themselves to speak so negatively that they feel stuck and have no way out.

Every day, over and over again, wanting to feel better but kicking their own ass because they don't feel any different from the day before.

Waking up day after day, having the same results as the day before. 

Dr. Joe Dispenza says "60-70 thousand thoughts that you think in 1 day, 90% of those thoughts are the same thoughts as the day before." 

What does that mean? 

Well according to his studies of neuroscience... it means we are creating our crappy thinking by doing it everyday like a programmed robot. (Ok I am sure science didn't say it like that, but it's understandable, right!)

Scientifically speaking...

The same thoughts will always lead to the same choices.

The same choices will always lead to the same behaviours.

The same behaviours will always create the same experiences.

The same experiences will...

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