I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious. 

~Albert Einstein

The power to connect with another person is a easier than you think. 

Or is it?

For me, I have always been able to meet others and connect so deeply that it feels to some, we have been friends for a lifetime. 

Yet I meet others who feels they have nothing in common with anyone they meet. 

Trying to be interesting in what they have done, they have learned and accomplished with the other person wondering what the hell is happening. 

There is that awkward silence, weird giggles of uncomfortableness, and swaying back and forth as if they are going to head to the washroom.

What happens? 

There are many factors to why others have a hard time to connect socially such as being shy or introverted, but even these individuals at some point connect with others. 

Here is what I have discovered. 

I recently was on a call with my coach, Christina Berkley, which I was in a situation of searching for answers within mys...

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