Do any of you just sit back and reflect on your individual worth?

Really reflect?

Some of my clients have programmed themselves to speak so negatively that they feel stuck and have no way out.

Every day, over and over again, wanting to feel better but kicking their own ass because they don't feel any different from the day before.

Waking up day after day, having the same results as the day before. 

Dr. Joe Dispenza says "60-70 thousand thoughts that you think in 1 day, 90% of those thoughts are the same thoughts as the day before." 

What does that mean? 

Well according to his studies of neuroscience... it means we are creating our crappy thinking by doing it everyday like a programmed robot. (Ok I am sure science didn't say it like that, but it's understandable, right!)

Scientifically speaking...

The same thoughts will always lead to the same choices.

The same choices will always lead to the same behaviours.

The same behaviours will always create the same experiences.

The same experiences will...

Yesterday was a defining day for me. One to put in the record books. 

But first, let's back up 5 years... 

When I started Smile Inside Out, it was a journey of healing for me. I started with a Facebook page which I collected quotes and I wrote what I was thinking. 

Pretty simple really. It made me feel great as each quote was a release for what I was feeling in that moment. 

I started to see how others resonated with the posts, I started to feel my inner self grow and glow. 

Now obviously, my story of how my company was developed is a way bigger story than a few posts from Facebook here and there... but what I am getting at, is that great feeling inside of others understanding what I was feeling, started the momentum to hearing what others were going through. 

I saw something magical happening. I was reaching people and making a difference in their lives. Maybe even the smallest difference, but to me... that mattered. 

It mattered to me so very much that it became my mission to make ever...

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