If you work so hard at a job you hate, imagine what you could accomplish at one you love. 

~ Unknown

That old saying, "You can't choose your family" is very much similar to any workplace.  

Dysfunctional and toxic... yes every family member has that certain someone in their family. 

As do our workplaces. 

  • The Mother Hen who has taken everyone under their wing to hear all the gossip to keep it going, which happens in the workplace. 

  • The Dead Beat who brings the team down with poor performance.

  • The Cry Baby who is in a constant turmoil because no one will use his ideas and always storms off, slams objects and makes sure EVERYONE hears how "unfair" life is. 

  • The Lime Lighter who is always taking credit for others' work and is doing what is best for her and not what is best for the team.

There are so many more... 

These individuals are draining to be around. 

The energy can be sucked out of you faster than you realize, you can find yourself down a rabbit hole before...

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