Inner Reflection Circle Coaching

What we reflect to others is not always what we ourselves see!

What will this help me achieve?

“. Kryssie 'gets it'. She really really 'gets it'. She knows how to listen deeply; far deeper than most coaches I've met. She intuitively knows what to ask you to help you transform your world. She has a magic about her that overflows to you when you talk to her. This magic helps you grow as a person and helps your business grow too.”


Nikon J. Gormely 

High Performance Coach 

Professional Taekwondo Player

Bangkok, Thailand


Inner Reflection is a private group coaching experience of diving deep into way you see or don't see your gifts. Every gift has a darkness, a shadow, an unwanted expression of self. Discover the truths which others see even when you, yourself can not see your powerful self. 


Our Mission

The mission of our 3-month long partnership is to explore and refresh your Inner Reflection. 


By this, I mean to have you be someone who expresses your desire boldly and authentically. It is your Being that generates both your experience of life and the tangible professional and personal results you desire.

Throughout our journey, you will become someone who literally creates your world from the Inside and Out.



Inner Reflection is about your spiritual growth and your material success. Our work is equally focused on you being the happiest, most loving and most peaceful person you know as it is focused on you creating extraordinary tangible results in your life.


Our deep, personal and intimate dialogue will challenge you and expose you to entirely new possibilities.

You will discover a world that has been waiting in parallel to the one you’ve always known. A world where authenticity exists, judgement is accepted with the understanding of owning what you create. Success is created through thriving instead of striving, where financial prosperity is created with ease instead of struggle, and where the love and intimacy you want comes to you, paradoxically, through giving it away.

Our work is to develop you and your Inner Reflection of your entire reality – that is in both how you see the world (a subjective sense) as well as the actual physical world (an objective sense).

Throughout Inner Reflection Circle Coaching  everything around you will change. Others will notice. Some will even tell you. (I am counting on it, and will invite it.)


What will be different after?

  • You will be more self-expressed in your own unique way

  • You will be a force of Creation in your world

  • You will be more powerful and impactful everywhere

  • You will be someone who creates what you speak

  • You will be someone who methodically removes their fears

  • You will be more aware of what is true for you

  • You will be someone who creates and lives with ease

  • You will be more honest (even if you think you’re already honest)

  • You will be more service-oriented in all of your relationships


What will I learn?

While there is no teaching in Inner Reflection Circle, you will be learning. And while there is no prepared information, you will be informed.


I am not your teacher, but I am your guide. As your Coach, I will show you the gap between who you Be and who you really Are. Day by day you will close this gap, giving you more power.

I will not teach you to ‘convince’ people to give you what you want. I will not give you ‘relationship advice’ or teach you ‘business strategies’. I have no tricks, gimmicks or techniques for you to learn. There is no curriculum, only a series of events where I guide you in realizing who you are – and I mean this in all senses of the word.


What will this help me achieve?

Not to sound one-sided, but my most honest answer is the one at the top of this page…


In Inner Reflection, we work at such a deep level (i.e. how you conceptualization and experience yourself and your world) that the changes we make affect everything in your life; your health, your fitness, your relationships, your intimacy, your sex, your income, your business, your leadership, your contribution, your spirituality and so on.


You will choose specific things in your life to use as the context for our work, but the insights and shifts we create will ripple throughout all areas.

Your particular approach to life, relationships and business will emerge as a result of your daily action and your created State of Being occurring during our time together.


More specifically, during Inner Reflection you will work to…

  • Discover yourself more deeply through looking at things you’d rather avoid

  • Speed up your results by slowing down your actions

  • Close the gap between who you Be and who you Are

  • Have you transcend your present identity and sense of self

  • Deepen yourself ‘spiritually’ in whatever way that has meaning for you

  • Develop your ability to conceptualize and embrace paradox and non-duality

  • Discover the courage to travel the paths of most and least resistance

  • Access multiple paths to genuine fearlessness

  • Impact and influence others through an honest and loving way of being


Who is this for?

Although you may not identify as such, you are already an ‘Authentic Amazing Soul’ in some way. This Inner Reflection will remind you just how powerful of a being you are.


I mean someone who does not look for a path to follow, but who creates their own.

You may be a new or seasoned entrepreneur, you may be the climbing the ladder, or you may be a human who wants to grow the increase the value of your product (i.e. ‘yourself’).

You are also someone who values love, contribution, peace, joy, intimate relationships, bigger results, energy and financial prosperity.

You are someone who is open. You are ready to be vulnerable. You are ready to have uncomfortable conversations that give you access to more of who you are.



What is group coaching like?

In the Inner Reflection Circle sessions, the entire group meets in a live video conference 2x a month for 2 hrs each session.

In Peer Support sessions you will have private one-to-one meetings with other members. Seeing and hearing familiar faces consistently over time – and getting to know each other on a personal level – creates a strong sense of collaborative support in your work of being a powerful Inner Reflector.

Members report that working in an intimate group provides extra value through:

  • Collaborative Support

  • Multiple Perspectives

  • Shared Vulnerability

  • Not Feeling ‘Alone’

  • Structure & Focus

  • Motivation & Momentum

  • Mutual Accountability


What if I’m not comfortable in groups? What if I don’t ‘click’ with everyone?

Many people who join Inner Reflection Circle are concerned they won’t be comfortable sharing and opening up in a group setting and that this could undermine the value they could otherwise create in the program. Similarly, some people who join Inner Reflection Circle express concern that they might not resonate with others in the group.

Firstly, members in Inner Reflection Circle seem to always connect well due to the deep nature of the work everyone is there to do and that everyone shares values like truth, honesty, love, peace, kindness, power and success.


Often, before the time together has even ended, deep friendships have been made and some members are flying around the world to spend time with each other!

Second, and even more importantly, in Inner Reflection Circle we agree to utilize our group and the relationships in it as the context for our growth. By this I mean that everyone chooses to use any discomfort, fear of vulnerability or challenges they have in relating with any individual – including me (Kryssie) – as the perfect and best place to grow themselves.

When you can relate well with any type of person in Inner Reflection Circle and when you can create the trust needed to share openly with everyone in Inner Reflection Circle, you will have accessed a new capacity to create in your life.



How much time does this require?

Your total time investment for the Inner Reflection Circle is a minimum of 50 hours over 3 months. This breaks down as follows:

  • Two x 2-hour Inner Circle sessions w/ Kryssie every month for three months (Total 18 hours)

  • One x 1-hour Peer Support session received from another member each month (Total 3 hours)

  • One x 1-hour Peer Support session provided to another member each month (Total 3 hours)

  • Daily x 1-hour Self-Discovery time on your own. (This is a suggested time for your own work and you hold yourself accountable to it.)


What are Inner Reflection Circle sessions?

As a client in the Inner Reflection Circle, you will have an equivalent amount of time with me as my 3-month long private coaching clients. I relate to the group as a whole in the same way I do each of my private clients. This means that while you won’t receive as much personal time as my private clients do, you will be present for the same amount of coaching.

Your time with me in the Inner Reflection Circle will be during two times monthly two-hour group video conversations, typically occurring the first and third week every month.

The majority of our time in the  Inner Reflection Circle sessions will be invested in my deeply coaching two to three members. Session format always evolves organically to suit the particular group, but you can expect them all to include sharing of my own most recent Self-Discovery work, fresh insights and perspectives and opportunities for everyone to share.

Be it directly if you are being coached, or indirectly if you are present and putting yourself in the place of the person being coached, you will be impacted and served by what occurs in the coaching. You will access an amount of value relative to how powerfully you create yourself as being capable of accessing it. By this, I mean that your commitment to ‘getting value’ is instrumental in the value you create. You will be constantly encouraged, challenged and supported in creating more and more value for yourself, both in the  Inner Reflection Circle and everywhere in your life.

Even when you are not being coached, your presence in the Inner Reflection Circle sessions is instrumental. You are part of the container that creates a safe space for people to be vulnerable and share what they genuinely need support with. Your still presence and openness to receive is a great gift and we will ask you for it during every Inner Reflection Circle session.

Recordings of every Inner Reflection Circle session will be made available within 24 hours of the session. You are welcome to listen again, which would count towards Self-Discovery. Some of my clients listen back to their coaching sessions multiple times. Many review their notes and even share them with the rest of the group, which creates a dialogue and deeper learning. If you miss a session, you will be required to listen to the recording so that you are fully ‘with us’ in the next session.

My coaching support will be limited to the Inner Reflection Circle sessions and time spent with each member will happen on a rotation, with a relaxed attention on providing equitable coaching time overall.


What are Peer Support sessions?

Each month you will be assigned a Inner Reflection Circle peer to support. Your job that month is to have a one-hour call with that person to support them. You will be provided with a call schedule and session format that may be useful, but you are also welcome to reschedule and do it your way.

Maybe you coach them, maybe you share a Self-Discovery practice or maybe you have experience with what they are facing and can simply give some advice. There are no rules here other than that the support stays in just one direction for the Peer Support session.

Each month, you will also have someone in the  Inner Reflection Circle committed to supporting you. This means you will have someone you can reach out to for support and you will have another one-hour call where you are the one being supported. Again, the only rule here is that you stay in the role of being supported and not switch to being the supporter.



What is Self-Discovery?

Think of being in the Inner Reflection Circle like being part of an athletic team. The Inner Reflection CirclePeer Support sessions are important meetings with your coach and teammates, but the bulk of the work that grows you is actually done on your own in the ‘practice’ you do between those meetings. The insights you glean from the sessions are pivotal, but it is what you do every morning, every evening and throughout every single day that determines your growth and success as a member of the  Inner Reflection Circle.

You will be asked to spend about one-hour per day actively creating yourself doing what we refer to as Self-Discovery.

In Inner Reflection Circle, I am quite specific about what kind of work qualifies as Self-Discovery and what does not. For example, ‘reading’ a book is fantastic and useful, but reading alone is passive. Powerful Self-Discovery occurs when there is both input and output. Reading a book (input) and then doing the exercises in the book (output) is an example of what would be considered Self-Discovery because this is what creates real growth.


Click Here to see is a list of examples of what would count towards Self-Discovery. Not that this is not an exhaustive list and you are encouraged to bring suggestions of active input/output work to be counted as well. Again, ultimately you will hold yourself accountable here, but we will support you is doing so effectively.


What is the financial investment?

Your financial investment is an instrumental part of the structure of our relationship.

Much of the power of a ‘marriage’ is in the fact that you can’t just ‘leave’ once you enter into it. When things get challenging, the most sensible way out of the discomfort is for you to grow. For this reason, a significant portion of your payment is required upfront.

You are welcome to pay the $900 fee in full upfront or, for a more accessible option, to pay $450 upfront and $275/month x 2- months (totaling $1000).

Your investment is 100% non-refundable. There is no ‘prenuptial’ in this ‘marriage’. We also use no written contracts as our word is our bond.


If you want to be a more honest, loving & powerful Inner Reflector in your life and work – and if you are willing to apply what you learn through my coaching you and others – then the value you will receive from the Inner Reflection Circle is magnitudes beyond your investment.

It may sound strange, but if someone told me that I could ‘sit and listen’ to myself coach someone else for 3-months, I’d pay many times the cost of this program. (Yes, I’d pay to listen to myself coach someone – because of what I know is created when that occurs!)


What have your clients created?

Some recent examples of personal creations include…

  • Beautiful relationships with spouse, children, partners, employee & friends

  • More power to create what they want and to lead others

  • An overall more present, relaxed, understanding and loving way of being

  • More freedom to live life on their terms

  • More flow and joy in their work

  • More financial prosperity

  • More time to travel and be with family and friends

  • A greater sense of who they really are and being aligned with this day to day


Some recent examples of professional creations include…

  • Transformation of corporate careers into independent consultancies

  • International Leading self-defense and martial arts school

  • Expanding magazine & events companies

  • Global corporate training companies

  • High-earning coaching practices


Do you guarantee results?

I promise you that if you participate fully in the Inner Reflection Circle – including doing your Self-Discovery – then you will come to know and create yourself more deeply and you will access more fulfillment and power.

As you achieve this, whatever you desire – in your business, relationships and your life overall – will be within your power to create.


How do I join?

If you are seriously interested, then the next step is for us to speak.


I’d like to ask you some questions and make sure you understand the full scope of the commitments required. I’ll also be happy to answer any questions you have.

Spaces are provided on a first come, first serve basis and sell-out quickly.

Today is always the perfect day to create who you are.

Connect with me now.