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Take Tme for YOU.

Inner Smile Mastery

& Retreat

Join us and our

Inner SmileExperts

Breathtaking views of the Somass River, West Coast River Lodge delivers the extraordinary richness of a magical experience. Begin your journey to a transformation with Inner Smile Mastery & Retreat Aug 31st to Sept 3rd, 2018

Canada’s outstanding all-inclusive mind, body and soul retreat for mastering your proximity,

inner smile, laughter & relaxation on the

West Coast of Vancouver Island.

Reflect ~Reframe ~Refresh



Being in the right place at the right time. 


12 Extraordinary Powerful Women Coming Together Worldwide. 


Reflecting, Reframing, and Refreshing


From the amazing scenery and flavors of the West Coast. 


To the uplifting world-class instructors from the UK and Canada will fill you with the drive, motivation, and knowledge to leave this retreat with a conscious blue print of your next steps moving forward with intent & confidence. 


Did I mention, 12 Extraordinary Women to mastermind with! 


This is an EXPERIENCE!  


Expect the Best


Kryssie Thomson


A true smile comes from the depths of the soul. 

Kryssie has made it her passion to expose others inner smile through her stories and her spirit. 


Having a natural ability to connect with others gains the instant comfort and trust to explore themselves. 


She is fun, real, down to earth, and packs a powerful contagious smile. 


Kryssie has been giving a superpower which she has helped hundreds and hundreds of individuals, like yourself, find, create and continue to Smile Inside Out! 




Jaz Ampaw-Farr


It’s about the impact you have on the lives of others.

You’re an Everyday Hero and what you do makes a difference. Whether you lead a team, class of students or family, your superpowers can be enhanced by having clarity on WHY you do what you do. 


Watch Jaz's TEDx Talk to see how her life was transformed by just five teachers whose WHY was to be human first and professional second.


Today Jaz delivers inspirational keynotes, interactive workshops, and transformative coaching to help you move from where you are to where you want to be.

Jan Norman Yoga


Jan brings a wealth of experience, compassion, and expertise to her teaching; leading her classes and workshops with care and understanding.


She is registered with Yoga Alliance and holds certifications in Hatha Yoga and Core Strength Vinyasa. 


She has well over 2500 hours of yoga teaching experience, and spent 38 years as a Chartered Professional Figure Skating Coach; giving her exceptional coaching skills and a deep expertise in biomechanics.


She can relate to her students through her own life experiences of grief, dysfunction, and disordered eating – and the associated issues of low self-esteem.


Yoga has been instrumental in Jan’s growth, teaching her to have a balanced life and offering her a way to combine her knowledge, expertise and passion into one place: on the mat.

West Coast River Lodge


In an atmosphere of restful comfort and charm, West Coast River Lodge accommodates exclusive groups of two to twenty guests in superlative West Coast hospitality.


There are seven comfortably appointed double-occupancy guest rooms with private baths. 


Owner Marnie Lingl, brings with her the passion for the hospitality and lodging industry. 


She was first introduced her passion when she bought a small inn and restaurant. Marnie created the best possible experience she could and still does with her open door policy. 


The West Coast River Lodge brings a higher level of passion, as it is her mission to create a peaceful, relaxing Oasis for her guests.  Every detail is fine-tuned, and your experience will never be forgotten.  Come as a guest, leave as a friend is her philosophy.





Tria Fine Catering 


has been providing catering services to the Comox Valley and Vancouver Island since 2009. Known for our menus, crafted from fresh, local and seasonal ingredients, we create memorable events with unparalleled service.


Our commitment is to create unforgettable experiences.

This begins with our partnerships with local suppliers and vendors to provide fresh, best quality, seasonal ingredients.


Our menus reflect the bounty of our lush valley and offer unique culinary experiences that represent the tastes of our region. With an emphasis on being a part of our local economy and agricultural community, we uphold a sustainably-minded sourcing strategy that benefits everyone.



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