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I'll Be Me, You Be You

I am who I am because I am happy.

When I choose a different way to be to make someone else happy, I destroy my inner being. Therefore, if I am true to who I am, my smiles continue.

If you find yourself surrounded by people who challenge your being… ask yourself why are you around them?

I have learned from my past, not everyone is at peace with who they are, and can easily be drawn to judge, criticize or dislike another person. When you try to be liked or accepted by a negative person, you then bring more unhappiness to yourself. If you accept this thought…“the person is at war with their own thoughts and only if one was happy can accept all others as they are”…. you will find yourself being you, and only you.

Releasing all others who need to find their “own” way before finding their way back to your happiness.

Now that makes me Smile Inside Out

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