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5 Steps to Selling Yourself

You're Never to Old to Sell Yourself.

Who you knew mattered in the workforce. Well, lets face it, back in the day it sure did. When the heck did that change?

When my head came out of the sand, I had the knowledge I needed to get my new career on the go... everything had changed and word of mouth was out the door.

I have been one of those "lucky" kids, as my friends and co-workers would tell me how I was "the chosen one". (You would think I was someone like Neo from the Matrix, but no, just well connected). I have never had to apply for job, they have been handed to me from my work ethics, from opportunities and from who I knew. If you can create tires screeching in your mind right now... that is sounds I heard in my mind, when I thought to myself, lets find a new path!

In a way I felt cheated, like a rich child who had everything handed to them on a silver platter and had no life experiences. BUT I DO DANG IT! ( I am sure the rich kid says that too). Working hard, creating knowledge, getting my abilities down, building up my skills... I saw it! Others did too... but did that matter?

I think it still does...

Determined, I had found new skills to gain...dissecting skills, abilities and knowledge, creative words, strategic branding, calculated networking and positive mind set. The following 5 steps are what I did to overcome my thinking. To change the way I saw the new world of job searching and selling myself.

You can too...

Step 1: Start with dissecting your skills. Write down all of your skills, your abilities and your knowledge in your field of desire. Ask a couple co-workers to help with this step, this will give you some insight that you may not think of yourself. (I use mind mapping for this).

Step 2: From the above list you created and the 2 lists from co-workers, create your words. These words are power words to describe your personality, work ethics, your knowledge. If you need help, I would offer this Top 100 Most Powerful Resume Words because I am not going to leave you hanging.

Step 3: Branding yourself with a title will help with you understand your passion, believe in your passion and give your purpose a name. It also allows others online to see at a quick glance what you are about.

Step 4: Finding like-minded people who share you passion, who want to continue to grow their craft. Networking is a powerful way to continue the kickin it old school word of mouth in an innovative way. These new contacts can help with ideas, increase knowledge, open your mind to new opportunities. It is endless. And yes.. might just know someone looking for your talents.

Step 5: Stay positive. It is really is easy to do if you follow Steps 1 through 4 as it will boost your confidence to know who you are in the field you want to be known in. In order for others to believe in you, you have to believe in yourself first.

In my 40's, I started to diversify... so why not make life more interesting. Keep growing and keep going. Sell yourself with a new mindset, new tools and become exactly what your passion is.

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