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Leaders are Readers... Or Really Great Listeners???

I used to sit in class and DREAD having to hear that we had a novel assigned for English Class. "Lord of the Flies" by William Golding.

I would have an inner child spaz. I would already have it in my head that this book is going to "suck". I would say to myself that the book was "going to put me to sleep". Whatever the excuse was, blocked my mind of the possibility to learn.

The truth... I was a slow reader, not because I couldn't read, reading I did well, but because my mind was so active, to focus on JUST the book was almost impossible. It was my fear that took over of not meeting deadlines, it was the fear of having my peers judge me. (We all know in Jr. High how kind the judgments were from other kids, NOT). It had nothing to do with the ability to learn, lead or grow. That I wanted to do, but just took me longer, way longer than most.

As life went on, reading a book to learn, was a long process. I soon understood the kind of reader I was, a couple pages at a time, or I would pace the floor as I was reading. I understood keeping body busy kept my mind focused on the task. I learned to enjoy reading again.

In 2010, my life changed! Audio books become popular! Knowledge was available fast and furious at our fingertips.

Today, I listen to learn, and read to understand. My knowledge has come from many great books. I listen to the audio and buy the book if it has greatness. I can then flag and reference the font. It was my beginning steps of creating Smile Inside Out Consulting.

How do you learn which makes you a great leader? Write it in the comments below.

SO I do believe Leaders are Readers... but also GREAT Listeners.

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