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How Does A Crumpled Page Define Me?

We start our journey in life as a smooth piece of fresh paper.

As we live our life, each defining moment, each milestone, each devastation, each celebration represents a fine line on this page.

Each crinkle represents a memory of how you dealt with it. The finer the line, the less impact it had on your life. The heavier the crinkle, the deeper the impact.

It doesn't matter how many times you try to iron out these lines, they never fade. They will always be part of the page. Over time they may thin out as you deal with your thoughts and feelings around the situation, but never truly be gone. They are not meant to be.

These are the lessons of life. Each part of your journey brought you to this moment in time, each line directed you and pushed you to become strong enough to over come, strong enough to stand up, strong enough to be here.

So choose to be proud of all the lines that have directed you to this moment, of choosing to be present in your thoughts of strength and passion.

If you ever wonder if you are on the right path... you are... because you are on it. Follow the line...

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