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What is Your Safe Haven of Thought?

There is something magical for me when I see a stream, creek or lake. I knew this from the earliest of age.

It's no wonder in my adult life, my choice was to live on a lake.

Growing up on a farm, I explored. Just down from the barn, was a creek that flowed from the mountains to the lake. My brother and I would jaunt down to fish with handmade fishing poles and our bucket with more worms than dirt. Our fishing poles were made of the nearest branch we found along the way, some really brittle fishing line from Dad's fishing box, and a hook big enough to catch a shark. OK, maybe a trout, but still, to the bull heads we were fishing. It was WAY too big.

My brother would get the worm on the hook, that was too gross for me to do, we would fix our little buts closest to the hidden holes of the creek where the bullheads could hid till they see their chance for food. Billy always got the culvert, as he said that was the best spot.

That didn't matter to me, I would lay, tummy down, on the bank and peer into the water, watching the world below.

The water spiders playing and jumping along the surface. The coho salmon babies chasing one another.

Tadpoles swimming about, some starting to sprout legs. You name it, I saw. Water drops forming on a blade of grass, dragonflies munching grass, bugs accidentally landing on the water, trapped, and the coho fry gang swarm to be the lucky one for the fresh snack. It was a world which brought me so much joy.

Even now, as I write this, I am back in my early years, and the joy floods my memories which brings me the best feeling in the world at this moment.

This is a memory where I will think of if my day is unfolding in a negative way. I take a moment to remember my safe haven.

What is your safe haven? Do you have one?

If your answer is YES, then add it to the comments below to share your joy. OR write it down and place it somewhere to remind you.

If your answer is NO, then create something today. What is it? Where is it? When is it? How does it make you feel? Answer those questions as if you already know and have experienced it. Even if you haven't. Dream, create and explore your mind.

The power within this exercise is the power with in you.

Be self aware of how you are feeling at all times. If you do not like the thoughts and feelings, you have the power to change.

Explore it deeper... lets connect

I am smiling and know you can too!

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