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Can you SEE what he's thinking?

Is this young ball player seeing his future with the major leagues? Maybe he is visualizing the first time stepping onto the field with Dinesh Kumar Pate, the pitcher for Cleveland. The crowd cheering for their team to crush the opposing team. The energy running through his blood give him the feeling that anything is possible. The first time up to bat, the butterflies are racing. First pitch goes by. "STTTTRRIIIKE", he hears the umpire call! "DAMMIT" He hears in his mind. His self talk starts to overtake. "You got this!" "This is what you worked for." "It's all in the timing" BAMM! "I HIT IT!"...

OR is he seeing the bullies who won't let him play?

Who are you? What do you see yourself as? Even if you were the kid who was never picked first, do you still see yourself as that child?

What we choose to believe we will create. Close your eyes and see the victory, see the power behind your thinking. If you focus on the good you can feel that energy building.

Be the person you want to be by believe in YOURSELF.

For you, my friend, are the only one brave enough to move yourself forward.

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