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The Comfort of Discomfort

If we are sooooo fricken smart, what makes discomfort so comfortable?

Why does changing ourselves seem so hard?

There is something in us that causes us to act this way.

If we don't like the job we are in, why don't we just get another?

If it is something in our day to day life that causes us to suffer, why don't we just change it?

I drifted through life pretending to be happy.


I am a smart woman, with high emotional intelligence, able to shift any moment to happy to show the world that I am "FINE" outside. But really, I knew the truth, inside...

So when I was alone, why was I not comfortable with my own thoughts?

The simple answer is thought patterns.

We are humans, creatures of habit.

We choose to stay in the same situation because we have become addicted to the emotional state the circumstances create and the chemicals that arouse the state of being.

Yes, your body creates chemicals that arouse your mind to stay put.

Let's look at this...

I was in a marriage which was not personally healthy for me. I was always thinking of how unhappy I was, which caused my feeling of discomfort. The more I thought about it, the more I felt the negative energy running through me. I could feel my shoulders drop, the tension in my face, even feeling sick throughout my body.

When I left the house, it was like driving into another life. The farther I drove from the house, the shoulders lifted, I felt a serge of energy though my body all because I was shifting my thoughts to something different. To something I was going to do away from where I didn't want to be.

Way too many of us, remain in situations that make us unhappy, feeling as if we have no choice but to suffer. ( Me personally, I had no clue what to do, I did not have the tools.)

Many of us smart individuals, choose to stay in circumstances that bring the kind of troubled state of mind that affects us for our entire life.

I have come to realize, with my studies, we choose to stay stuck in a hypercritical mindset and attitude, partly because of who we are (genetics) and partly because of what we think (our brain).

Over the years from what we learned as children, teenagers and adults. Either mimicking actions and emotions of others or being told over and over again, we have created our patterns of thinking.

Pretty much, our brains are hardwired by our repeated thoughts and reactions, which limits our vision of what's possible.

Before I learned all the science hoop blah of it all, I somehow figured it out. I started understanding and paying attention to how I was thinking. Then, paying attention to the feelings I had when I was thinking thoughts. The snow ball effect came into play.

If we are able to create our actions from what we learned, would we be able to create new actions by thoughts?

The answer is YES!

What isn't working for you right now?

This about that and check out my D.E.B.A.R. Method

This is the method I used to change my world, and it can change yours.

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