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How to Make Your Past Useful

Why you need to let go to grow to make sure you have a better future.

Everyone has baggage from the past, but what we choose to drag around with us today determines how we live tomorrow.

To make a better future, you have to make sure you have a better past.

Not everything from your past is useful to you, yet we pack it up and carry it around day after day after day.

Think about it... when we buy a new house. What get's packed? Everything? No way!

We go through our belongings and pack only what we need to make our new home the best. We toss away the unwanted items that do not serve us.

Well this is the same with our past.

As a matter of fact, there are only a few certain things that are actually useful from your past to get the powerful results you want in your future.

Before you go jumping to judgment about your past experiences, you actually have to commit to yourself to a much bigger and better future than what you are living right now.

You must believe that your deserving of it... because let me tell you... you are deserving. Everyone is!

To create a mindset you must create a future from your imagination with the same energy that create enthusiasm.

You will be creating an entirely new future in your mind.

The more you can visualize yourself actually being in that future, you have a future advantage point at looking back at everything you've done up until now.

Ask yourself:

"For everything that I have done in my life, what gets to come along?"

Don't think about what gets left behind, because that is the habit which has brought you to today and it does not serve you.

If you focus on what gets to come along, the rest o the stuff will be devalued and easy to let go.

You don't have to think about it anymore, you don't have to spend any more days with it. Junk it!

Some examples of what to pack:

- Confidence boosters throughout your life

- Happy Memories

- Commitments and Actions

- Great relationships

- Examples of Courage

You can pack whatever makes you "feel good".

This process allows you to become free of baggage that weighs you down or clutters the mind. You actually will become and feel lighter, younger with this weight off your shoulders.

You get to focus on all the great past experiences in life that gave you your inner smile and more forward creating a 10X more powerful fullfilled future.

Enjoy packing!

Let me know in the comments what you are packing!

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