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Fear Can Paralyze You, Courage Can Free You, Here's How...

Yesterday was a defining day for me. One to put in the record books.

But first, let's back up 5 years...

When I started Smile Inside Out, it was a journey of healing for me. I started with a Facebook page which I collected quotes and I wrote what I was thinking.

Pretty simple really. It made me feel great as each quote was a release for what I was feeling in that moment.

I started to see how others resonated with the posts, I started to feel my inner self grow and glow.

Now obviously, my story of how my company was developed is a way bigger story than a few posts from Facebook here and there... but what I am getting at, is that great feeling inside of others understanding what I was feeling, started the momentum to hearing what others were going through.

I saw something magical happening. I was reaching people and making a difference in their lives. Maybe even the smallest difference, but to me... that mattered.

It mattered to me so very much that it became my mission to make everyone I meet smile.

If that is on a social media platform, on the phone, face to face, I needed to give away my smile.

It sounds simple but it became more than that.

I started to study the science behind it all. How our brain works and how we react to our thoughts and beliefs. Learning from others, and mostly about looking deep within and understanding each emotion I was going through or thought I was thinking. The patterns are always the same.

You think a thought, then you get a feeling or emotion and then because you feel a certain way you believe that thought, which create an evil circuit of repeat causing your brain to stay in a discomfort of whatever emotion you decided on.

RIGHT? So powerful...

So this discovery got my booty soooo jumping with excitement. Now I need to find a way to share.

Those close to me already came to me on a weekly basis picking my brain to help then overcome something to gain the solution. It was working, always understand the thought process...

I played with the idea of having Smile Inside Out as my one and only career. Soaring with it. Helping women find their inner smile. It gives me goosebumps!

So moving forward 5 years, back to reality, my journey has been all growth, had some set backs but yesterday... a HUGE leap!

I QUIT MY JOB (the one with a boss)!!

Well let's be honest, I handed in my resignation for December. (Pension reasoning)

But seriously.... HOLY SHIT.

This is real...

I sat in fear of moving forward for the last 2 years. I was taking baby steps and allowed my fear of not knowing to hold me back.

I felt stuck. The questions of...

What if no one hires me?

Am I smart enough?

What's the next step?

Am I the only one who thinks like this?

Whatever question I can come up with in my mind, only causes me to have the feeling of ICK!

So I created a new thought process...

First I visualized and do daily, what I see for my future. I can see it. I can see my clients, I can see the smiles on all their faces. Their journey of growth, means my journey is on the right path.

Am I scared... hell yes!

Am I confident... I like to think so, but as Dan Sullivan says " Have courage first and the confidence will follow."

Here is what I know, I am GREAT at what I do, because I believe in what I have learned and gained from my own life.

That is what I believe hold us back.

Thinking we have to be confident in our decisions before we make them in order to leap, in order to be happy, in order to life our lives to the fullest of our potential.

Confidence comes when we know we can, when we achieve and then and only then will you look back and say...

"I am so grateful that I did it."

Tell me in the comments below what you are needing courage to do.

Or lets connect... CLICK HERE.

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