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3 Steps to Feeling Better (Emotion Control)

Is it possible that we are so conditioned to our daily lives that we opt in to the idea that we have no control at all?

Emotions are not attached to you.

What you think about, creates the feeling you are feeling.

The emotion you are feeling then continues the thought you are thinking.

Slightly unfair circular pattern to put yourself in.

We end up staying in the same circumstances of feeling stuck, hating our jobs, wanting more, because we have been addicted to the emotional state they produce and our own brain causes chemicals, yes chemicals that arouse the state of being.

This is why many of us stay in situations that make us unhappy, feeling as if we have no choice but to suffer.

Choosing to stay stuck in this circular patterned mindset and attitude all because a portion of our brain has been hardwired by our repeated thoughts and reactions.

So again, every thought produces a chemical that is matched by a feeling in your body.

Called the state of being.

So thinking you are not good enough, smart enough, or enough of anything your brain will cause the feeling of insecurity with all the chemicals released.

You will be "feeling" what you are "thinking".

Then your thoughts will say to yourself, "I must be all those because look at how I feel".

I have been studying Dr. Joe Dispenza (The Science of Changing Your Mind) and I can tell you this... we can control everything in our own self. Everything...

To begin changing, you need to begin to pay constant attention to your thoughts.

Some people might shut off at this point and say, too scary, screw that shit, I don't want to hear my thoughts, that's too much work.

Then stay exactly in a state of feeling stuck.

To candy coat this would be cruel, injustice and I would not be good at what I do.

I only wish someone would have talked to me about it years ago. Maybe I was not ready to listen.

But if you are ready to listen, read on because this next bit, if you are willing to try, not for an hour, not for a day, but a lifestyle, you will climb the emotional staircase to joy.

Just like choosing to eat healthy, just like choosing to exercise daily, this is the same thing, exercise your mind to feel better daily for the rest of your life.

1. Be kind to yourself. Now that you know that you have been addicted to your brain chemicals from your thinking, you can understand it is no different from trying to cut carbs or sugar out of your diet. It is the addiction that causes the bad feeling.

2. Make a conscious effort to observe your automatic thought process, especially the harmful ones. You will find that most of your persistent, negative inner thoughts are NOT TRUE. Just because we have a thought does not necessarily mean that we have to believe it is true.

3. Break away from daily routines. This means spending time alone if you are always drawn to being in a crowd, thinking about the person you want to become.

When you start to be brave you will interrupt the flow of repetitive thoughts that has occupied most of your waking moments.

Letting go of the familiar, comfortable habits of thought that keep you in your discomfort feeling and allow a new concept of who you can become, replacing an old idea with a new idea that feels better... creates the inner smile.

The Perfect Method for an Inside Job eBook describes more in detail on a powerful way to execute your thoughts, feelings and actions to get the results you want.

You are not alone, I work on my thinking to feel better daily. That is my new habit. If you want to discuss way to improve your thinking and feeling but need guidance, let connect.

After sharing this for others to grow too...

See ya on the Inside. :)



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