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3 Simple Steps to Individual Worth

Do any of you just sit back and reflect on your individual worth?

Really reflect?

Some of my clients have programmed themselves to speak so negatively that they feel stuck and have no way out.

Every day, over and over again, wanting to feel better but kicking their own ass because they don't feel any different from the day before.

Waking up day after day, having the same results as the day before.

Dr. Joe Dispenza says "60-70 thousand thoughts that you think in 1 day, 90% of those thoughts are the same thoughts as the day before."

What does that mean?

Well according to his studies of neuroscience... it means we are creating our crappy thinking by doing it everyday like a programmed robot. (Ok I am sure science didn't say it like that, but it's understandable, right!)

Scientifically speaking...

The same thoughts will always lead to the same choices.

The same choices will always lead to the same behaviours.

The same behaviours will always create the same experiences.

The same experiences will always produce the same emotions.

And the same emotions will drive the very same thought.

Well as unpromising as that sounds, there is a way to correct your thinking.

There is a way to have all the happiness in your life without relying on outside sources.

There is a way to have an inner smile without having to rely on a "Happy Pill".

Want to start simple?

Try these 3 Simple Steps...

1. Grab your journal, write 10 things which you LOVE about yourself. (Morals, Values, Body parts, Achievements, or anything else you can think of) (write more than 10 if you have them).

2. Read your list aloud with " I love myself because ______" and add in your findings.

3. Feel the emotion that comes up. You should be feeling great emotions because you BELIEVE it to be true. Hold that feeling for 10 seconds or more and move on to the next.

You should feel so much more energy and hold yourself in a higher state of happiness.

Just by doing this 3 step exercise and rehearsing daily as a new way of thinking you will increase your inner smile.


You body create a chemical release which you become addicted to.

You mind, also, does not know the difference between physically doing or mentally doing.

This is a great discovery. Because you can create new chemicals to become addicted to.

New thoughts should lead to new choices.

New choices should lead to new behaviours.

New behaviours should create new experiences.

New experiences should create new emotions.

New emotions should inspire new thoughts.

Are you not worth your happieness?

Do you not want to feel happy inside most of the time?

Do you want to control your thoughts and live a healthy and happy life day after day?

Everyone can. Everyone has the ability to create the exact happiness they see in others.

If you want to learn more, head on over to my homepage and download my eBook for The Perfect Method for an Inside Job.

You will learn 5 more great tips on how to change your thinking to find your inner smile.

My mission is to create as many smiles inside others as I can, so please share my work.

Comment away and tell me how you find your inner smile.

See you on the Inside.

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