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From Stuck to Unstuck

Have you ever moved from one house to another and found yourself driving to your old house after a long day at work?

This has happened to the best of us.

We do this if we change the kitchen cupboards around.

We do this if we change departments or offices at work.

Force of habit?

Yes, but here is why...

Our brains from a very young age are programmed by absolutely everything we do in life.

We are born a clean slate.

We have the innocent brain just waiting to soak up the information given to us.

The first time we see a spider... we reach out to explore, mom screams with horror.

Our brain registers spiders as the scariest thing in our lives at that moment... until the snake appears as we crawl on the grass by the garden, then that becomes the scariest.

Our experiences compound in our brains forming patterns which create our subconscious mind.

Moving through life seeing spiders and screaming as if the spider has the largest knife, like Crocodile Dundee, keeping us stuck in fear of a memory that was not even our experience, but that of another.

When really the spider is spinning it beautiful creation of a web, minding it own business.

All though our childhood to adulthood we have collected all these patterns of thoughts about what we "should" do, be, say, think, act and become.

Our subconscious mind leads us to who we think we are.

What we think we should be.

Without really THINKING at all.

Let me explain.

We create a pattern by learned behaviors through our experiences in life.

We choose a belief either learned, adopted or by discovery without really understanding everything needing to know about why we believe that thought.

For example...

People who are born into a religious family, take on the religion believed from the parents without really a second thought.

A child born into a poor family, take on the beliefs of "money does not grow on trees" and creates a mindset of lack. Yet dreams of having plenty and creating jobs for others.

Where a child born in a privileged family knows "money is made from trees" and there is always plenty to have. Yet dreams of not taking over the family business and wanting to just live a life as he sees the rest of the world. Simple.

There is absolutely no difference between the two examples above.

You might think there is but the mindset created happened the same way in each.

Learning and developing experiences along the way creating the life they think they are supposed to have but dream of something more.

Finding themselves stuck in a thought, a feeling, an action which they have no idea on how they found it or how to get rid of it.

Exploring what old patterns which keep you stuck is key.

How do you know you are stuck?

Look at your results!

If the results you are getting are not giving you a happy feeling of making you smile on the inside, you need to explore.

You are stuck in your old patterns, your sub-conscious mind.

Using the D.E.B.A.R Method which I created for this exact thinking change is key.

Dissecting your thoughts which have been stored away nuts for the winter... is causing us to feel nuts.

So once you discover what is the learned behavior which is causing the results you are getting you are on the way to understanding the rest.

Ask yourself these questions...

What emotion do you have when you think that thought?

What belief do I have about that thought?

What actions do I do or don't do when I think think that thought?

What results am I getting?

If you are at war within yourself after what you wrote for answers, then you have some changing to do in order to feel better.

This process is not an overnight success method.

It is a growth model and with any growth, it takes time.

You then can go back through those questions and ask...

What emotions do I WANT to feel when I think that thought?

What beliefs do I WANT to think when I think that thoughts?

What actions do I WANT to do or not do when I think that thought?

What results do I WANT?

When you look at your life from a conscious mindset you start feeling better.

No longer living in the past of how you thought you were to be thinking, but coming into your own truth of discovering what makes you feel great!

A feeling of Unstuck

A feeling of Freedom

A feeling of Self

If this is something you want to discover further, then reach out and connect with me.

My amazing 12 week program is designed to move you forward expanding your mindset to find your truth.

Comment below with question and thoughts you might have one this method. I would to explore further.

See you on the Inside



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