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Find Your Top 3 Core Values Even If You Think you Know Them. (Worksheet)

It's not hard to make decisions when you know what your core values are.

~ Roy Disney - co-founder of Disney

Have you ever taken the time to really find out what your core values are?

I mean really take the time?

That doesn't mean, when you do something that makes you feel good, you say, "It was in my core values in which I did the deed".

Sure, that may be true, your core values are very much a part of your every day, but can you name your top 3 at an impulsive request?

Go ahead!

Name them!

Did you find there were others that appeared into your mind to distract you.

How easy was it finding 3?


Even better, you can not narrow it down to just 3 as rambling off 20 was a breeze.

This is what happened to me when I discovered and uncovered my true core values.

When asked to write down 8 core values...

I had none!

Let me rephrase that, I couldn't think of any that stood out over the rest..

Not because I didn't know myself.

Not because I was not was a cold at heart.

It was because I had never given myself permission to truly name 3.

What are Core values?

Core values are the fundamental beliefs of a person or an organization.

These guiding principals dictate behavior and can help people determine the difference between right and wrong.

"When you see the core value of an individual, you are effectively viewing his or her identity, and you are almost getting a window into his or her soul."

I loved this as it reflects on many reasons people have conflict and harmony.

When one person believes in being motivated and another does not, you may find conflict.

But when two people work together and pump each other up by looking at the positives and push each other to get the job done, it is a different story.

When one person believes in environmentalism and another throws a tin in the garbage not thinking twice about the environment, there will definitely be some eyebrows raising.

I am not saying people with different core values do not get along.

I am saying when you are able to identify your true core values and be interested in understanding others by their action, their differences or what they stand for, you are at an advantage.

Not only that, but you are able understand yourself in a much deeper way than you EVER did before.

I was listening to on of my favorite podcast LeadX Poscast by Kevin Kruse the other day with his guest Evan Carmichael. He spoke about How One Word Will Change your Career and Your Life.

His message is exactly what I believed, if we can understand our 1 core value, we can push ourselves, understand ourselves, and even more so, allow others to understand us.

How to discover your top 3 core values.

I believe in doing the actions right away. So I created an actionable worksheet! Go ahead an get it now.

I even included hundreds of core values for you to choose from to make this EVEN easier for you!

Now that you have your worksheet in front of you, let's begin.

1. Start by brain storming and write down 8-10 core values that really matter to you.

Example; If you love to laugh, humor will be on your core values.

If something bugs you about something, you can find the core values in the opposite of just that.

If you despise lying, then honesty, integrity or truth might be on your list.

If you are struggling to come up with ideas, remember, I have created a downloadable list of over 400 core values for you.

Therefore, you can't say you could not think of any.

Once you have your list, its now time to dig deeper.

2. Go through your list of values and give your own description of each word.

This description is in your own words, what this word means to you and only you.

Once you have done this process there is one last step.

3. Compare each word to the other.

It's like that game What would you rather.

Ask yourself which value has more value to YOU.

If my list is Integrity, love, humor, creativity, positivity, energy etc.


Integrity vs Love = Love

Integrity vs Humor = Integrity

Integrity vs Creativity = Integrity

and so on...

Place a tick beside the word that has more value.

Continue on until you complete all words against each other.

I have given a detailed example with the actionable worksheet.

4. You will find you top 3 quickly and efficiently once you start.

By adding up my tick marks, you will find your top 3.

What is the purpose of a core value?

Once you find your top 3 , you can use it be mindful of your actions, what you believe and what you feel.

You will understand the outside world just that much more in knowing you have differences.

As, Tim Brownson writes in his book, "Core values are the things people will, and sometimes do, die for."

Even a better understanding to what makes you get out of bed in the morning or hold a door open for the person coming up behind you, or just working your ass off every day.

As Evan Carmichael said in the podcast, if an employer knew "Believe" was her employees' 1 core value, she would be able to use their value to move an employee forward who may feel stuck to remind her to believe in what she is doing.

If that person who is stuck is you, knowing your one of your top core values is believe, you can make a powerful mind shift to come up with your own solutions.

Here is the bottom line.

When you know what your core values are, you know yourself.

When you know yourself, you can be true.

When you are true, you will cause an inner smile because the conflict within lessens.

Most of the time, conflict within is caused by what we don't know.

What we don't understand.

What we fear.

If we can eliminate fear by staying in the now (fear is only future thought) we can achieve any results we think of!

Remember to grab your worksheet with hundreds of sample words for your core values.

Imagine doing this exercise with your team. The power!

Make it a GREAT day!



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