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4 Things to Leave in 2017 to Move Forward in 2018

Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.

~Jim Rohn

As the New Year approaches, I have been doing a bit of reflecting.

Well, that's a bit of an understatement... a lot of reflecting.

As of a week ago, I had my last day of my "job".

I am on my own as an independent business woman.

I am not going to sit here and pretend I have it all figured out or even that I am not wondering if I did the right thing.

Those thoughts can easily creep into my mind and create a feeling of slight anxiety that I quickly have to shut up!

As I type the words above I can feel the ball of energy balling in my throat.

Not because I do not believe in myself, my abilities or my future, because my comfort for what I had is GONE!

What I have created, which took me a while to see, is the strength within myself to change, let go and grow.

Why is change so hard?


Fear of the unknown, fear of not making it, fear of not being accepted, or fear of self worth.

The list can go on and on.

I have made a list of 4 things which can help you move upward into 2018.

Let go of your Limiting Beliefs

If you are wanting to move forward, you have to shed those past beliefs that keep you in your current mindset.

Reminder: a belief is just a thought you continue to think, which keeps the thought in the present moment.

Creating the D.E.B.A.R. Method was a way for me to see where my beliefs, actions and emotions were keeping me frozen in the past which created the results I was getting.

Understanding what you are thinking is the key to your growth.

Let go of Your Fears

There is a great connection to your fears and limiting beliefs.

If you were thinking of a limiting belief above, you might feel the fear.

There are only 2 emotions... fear and love, the rest of the

emotions are under each category of fear and love.

You can fear love as easy as love fear.

Being fearful keeps you loving your comfort levels.

Instead of loving yourself enough to grow.

When you use fear as an excuse it diminishes your self worth.

Instead, again, use The D.E.B.A.R. Method to step outside yourself to understand your emotions to push forward.

Let go of People who Do Not Support You.

There will always be some people who frown upon your success.

I have seen it many times within my previous job when a letter carrier wants to move up to a higher pay scale, learn a new position and heads into management.

Co-workers feel betrayed, which has nothing to do with them. It's silly.

My thoughts are this : Those that mind, don't matter, as those that matter don't mind.

You be you, do you, create you!

Those who do not support you, didn't support you when you held onto them.

Let go of Drifting

It is easy to drift through life.

Wake up, have a coffee, hop into the shower, have breakfast, head to work, come home, see family, go to bed and do it all over again.

Drifting is COMFORT, comfort is FEAR, and fear holds your LIMITING BELIEFS.

If you were in a kayak without a paddle, would you drift through the rapids and see where you end up?

Most likely, you would make sure before you head out with a paddle so you can stay clear of any dangers up ahead.

Such as staying out of the back eddy which keeps you spiraling in the same spot possibly sucking you under.

Drifting through life is very much the same.

Having no direction keeps you spinning around in an eddy until you get sucked into some situation you can't get out of, or you flip completely.

Instead, choose your direction and create a life of vision.

Knowing where you want to be in the next 3 months, 6 months, even by 2019, you hold the paddle to your kayak and end up exactly where you desire to be.

What is your desired outcome for 2018

You do not have to quit your job to fulfill your needs.

It can be a easy as forgiving a coworker.

Creating a vision board.

Learning a new skill

Moving up the ladder at work

Whatever you need to do to move in to a powerful new year, CREATE IT!

Make it a great Day!


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