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What is Coaching?

"As a coaches I ask a lot of challenging questions that others are afraid to ask and let the person come up with the answers." ~ Kryssie Thomson

Are you here to explore the depth of who you are?

Maybe you are just curious, like really curious to know that question.

What the hell is coaching?

Let's face it, today, everyone is talking about coaching as if it is a fad.

Is it like therapy? Is it like counselling? Is it a mentor-ship?

OMG it is all so confusing.

Smith Leadership LLC made a perfect video to describe in less than 2 minutes, but if you are in a meeting and and trying to figure out your path in life quietly, then a video is not going to work.

So keep reading and I will give you the low down on just what coaching is.

But first, I have to let you know what coaching ISN'T.

Coaching is often confused with consulting, mentoring, counselling and even therapy. They are all very great professions in many aspects but still are NOT coaching.

What is the difference, you ask? Great question!

Therapist or Counselors will focus on the past and behavioral patterns that keep you broken and help you fix it.

Consultants are experts in challenges and give road maps and organizational structures, all consultants are paid to give answers.

Mentors are experts who do what you do, and have been doing it for years. Giving you advice on how they would do it if in your shoes to allow you the opportunity to grow.

There may be at time some overlaps within the approach, and still NON of these are coaching.

Coaching is a whole different kind of conversation. Everything is about asking and not much telling.

You see the key is for you, to find the answers within yourself, but the questions asked and the thoughts and insights that appear.

In simple terms, a coach, helps you design YOU, by helping YOU design your future, your goals, enhancing your potential with your very own creativity.

Yes, that is right, by asking thought provoking questions to add inspiration to your environment. A coach focuses on YOU.

It is a coaches job to be confidential, empathetic,to be creative, and intuitive. Listening to what is being said and staying curious to what is not being said.

Most of all, a coach is your partner, someone who believes in you when you don't and definitely your champion.

5 Steps to Finding a Coach

Today, you can find a coach for anything. You have fitness, wellness, mindfulness, leadership, performance, business, career, relationship, parenting and so on.

Only you will know exactly what you need, and if you don't know what you need, start with conversations.

Now, I am HUGE on connection. This is most likely going to be a large investment into your personal or professional life. This is not to take lightly, at the same time its not to hold off completely to find "the one". This is not a marriage, its a relationship.

Here are my top 5 steps I take in finding an amazing coach.

  1. Where do you want to grow in your life? - Most coaches have niche which they focus on. For example, I am a leadership performance coach. I work with people who are want to stand out and grow exponentially. It is reminding people how powerful they are. It does not mean that everyone is my client and it does not mean that I am everyone's coach. Once you have an idea of the area in your life you want to grow, you can start to research coaches in that niche. Ask people who have coaches who they recommend. You can search online, and dive into the person by websites.

  2. Stay Away from 15 minute intro calls. - This is my personal belief, and here is why. In 15 minutes in my opinion, there is one agenda, judgement on both ends and no room to relax and dive into the real reason for the call in the first place. This is not the way to start a conversation of a partnership, it take time to feel the situation. I have implemented what my coach offered me who I connected with the deepest and created the best results. Time. I have 1 hour session, and I coach, with no obligations. In that time, I am interested in you and only you. To find out if we are a great fit, if I feel there is a place that I can help you grow. And guess what, sometimes I even make another 1 hour appointment, because I am not sure of really what is needed. All on my dime. We don't talk about money, we don't talk about commitments until the time is right. That is a coach who is invested in you first. Nothing can be agree upon for a large investment in 15 minutes of first meeting.

  3. Tell On Yourself - If at any time, you are not feeling a connection that is worth of spending 3, 6 or 12 months with a coach diving deep into your life, TELL ON YOURSELF. Do yourself a favor and be vulnerable and authentic to speak the truth. You don't owe anything to the coach other than "Thank You for your time". There are so many times where others feel obligated because the coach gifted 2 hours of their time to you. A great coach will thank you for being truthful. This has gifted me and a coach many lessons.

  4. Possibility of Money - It does come down to how much it cost. Let's face it, no money, no coach. The most powerful coaching session I had was with a coach who stood for the possibility for me to create the money to have him as a coach. WHOA! Yes, he coached me for free until I raised the money. With no obligation to ever hire him. That was the most powerful thing I had ever come into. Possibility support. Now you might be able to afford whatever your coach's prices are, but that is one of the last things to put on the table, as it is the connection which is most important.

  5. You said YES - Now What? - Agreements! Agreements are expectations you and your coach have with each other. They are discussed and agreed upon for the duration of the coaching commitment. This is not a one sided relationship, it goes both way and creating powerful agreements moving forward is success. Here is Steve Chandler speaking on Expectations vs Agreements

There is truly no right or wrong way to find your desired coach. There are just suggestions that feel right. Authenticity is key, vulnerability is key, confidentiality is key, trust is key.

In the end, there is only you who has the right to choose.

Have fun exploring the possibilities of coaching and diving into the growth you so desire and can be.

Let someone stand for you, champion for you and your success will shine through.

Make it a great day,


A champion is someone who gets up when they can't.