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Workplace Environment Solutions

Thinking for Change with the Engaged Leaders

Using the human mind and its behaviors is the key to creating

an effective, productive team.


My clients are driven leaders from around the globe with a vision and the desire to impact many in a powerful way no matter their title. 

Areas they are often looking to develop include, developing a higher performing team, decreasing turnover through understanding emotional intelligence and empathy, taking their performance to their full potential, as well as designing the vision of their legacy.


Your whole organization understanding the power of being a 360 degree leader no matter what title is on their door. 


Your Organization is Unique

No two businesses are the same, nor are two employees the same. 


Every consultation helps develop a program and is customizable to the organization and individuals needs.


  • Inspire your team with workshops, unique presentations, one on one coaching or even retreats to develop professional development that will help them perceive their working environment in new ways to drive productivity.

  • Driving home future leaders that are committed to growing with your organization can save you massive amounts on your hiring and training costs.

  • Give your managers the roadmap to success, learning proven management framework around the 5 Languages of Appreciation in the workplace. Your managers are key to getting the most out of their staff. Knowing how to motivate by appreciation is known as a  powerful win.

  • Increase your employees' ability to be successful in their jobs by reducing interpersonal problems. Learning communication effectiveness can increase productivity and put you on the record-breaking maps.





What People Are Saying

David Bell

Kryssie is a fantastic spirit and has an infectious personality, it was so refreshing to have positivity, workplace wellness and motivation the key topics in our session with Smile Inside Out Consulting. 

The breakthrough for our team was the ability to learn our peers' language of appreciation and to act accordingly, enabling us to create a much more positive and cohesive unit. 


“We were very pleased to have Kryssie speak at the Provincial 4-H Leaders Conference – October 2014.

With the topic “Unleash Your Inner Awesome”, she motivated leaders to be aware of their abilities and opportunities.

Her casual and positive style encourages the audience to participate and build understanding of themselves and others around them.

Thanks for sharing your passion with the 4-H program!”

Elanor Hadley


I liked how authentic the workshop was. Kryssie felt down to earth and caring from the instant we walked through the door and it was refreshing to see the workshop leader be vulnerable with us, it allowed us to follow suit without feeling silly and I really appreciated the attention to detail and respect of everyone's voice throughout the workshop.

It's rare to find coaching of this caliber on a personal level! Most coaches are surrounded by thousands in arenas, I'd recommend Kryssie to anyone looking to break through roadblocks in their lives and anyone who prefers personal development on a more personal level.


What I really liked about your style of sharing Kryssie is that you are probably the most raw and real person that I have ever done a workshop with. And once again, to be honest, it is really refreshing. Sometimes you just need to get through all the bullshit and get down to what’s really important, and I feel that you really are in tune with that.

I think you have something really genuine to offer people and you put people at ease with whatever it is they’re going through I feel like that is something that can be overcome.

Kryssie’s ability to communicate the significance of smiling in the workplace was precise, concise, and authentically unique without being simplistic.


Despite the academic research on the effects and physiological benefits of smiling, Kryssie’s personalized and engaging presentation style was a breath of fresh air.


It reminded everyone attending  our Business and Personal Development Training that no matter from which walk of life we may come from, the benefits of smiling at work  boosts productivity and health, which in my line of work is of  fundamental importance.


I recommend Kryssie and her workshop on How to Use your Smile in Business with pleasure and gratitude.

Lisa Sam

Kryssie has a fun light hearted approach that will keep you engaged in the presented topic. 


She facilitated our Administrative Luncheon for 30 admin staff as well in our smaller groups of 7 on numerous occasions.

Kryssie keeps you interested in the topic and has a very endearing passion for topics she brings to the meetings.

The time went by fast, she can keep a large or small group engaged!

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