I was sitting here reflecting on motherhood. 

I am a mom, I have a mom, she has a mom, and my gran had a mom. I could go on forever. 

We take this day to appreciate mothers and to give thanks to all moms that sacrificed their figures, gave up their careers or dreams to make us into the women we are today. 

What if your thoughts are not ones of great memories? 

Maybe memories of physical or mental abuse. Maybe memories of always fighting. Maybe memories of something completely different but you are in pain about. 

What if today, for you, feels like a reminder to all of it. 

What if... 

This is how I lived my Mother's Day for years. 

Pretending to be proud of the mother I was dealt. 

Wanting a mom which I looked up to and aspired to be. 

That was my truth! 

I would make up excuses why I could not come over to spend the day. 

I would fight with my feelings of guilt for thinking this way. 

But head over anyways, with great intentions and leave more angry than one could imagine. 

Then create n...

Is it possible that we are so conditioned to our daily lives that we opt in to the idea that we have no control at all?

 Emotions are not attached to you. 

What you think about, creates the feeling you are feeling. 

The emotion you are feeling then continues the thought you are thinking. 

Slightly unfair circular pattern to put yourself in. 

We end up staying in the same circumstances of feeling stuck, hating our jobs, wanting more, because we have been addicted to the emotional state they produce and our own brain causes chemicals, yes chemicals that arouse the state of being. 

This is why many of us stay in situations that make us unhappy, feeling as if we have no choice but to suffer. 

Choosing to stay stuck in this circular patterned mindset and attitude all because a portion of our brain has been hardwired by our repeated thoughts and reactions. 

So again, every thought produces a chemical that is matched by a feeling in your body. 

Called the state of being. 

So thinking you are not g...

UGH! What a thought just thinking about thinking about my thoughts. 

Is this what goes through your mind when you read this?

Well, lets get real here together. 

Your thoughts are what has allowed you to get the results you are getting today! 

Reality is real. 

So... how did that happen? 

Life happened, and if you are here reading this, it means something inside of you is stirring, awakening and egging you on to change and be who you truly are meant to be. 

I can look back and see the choices I made in my life and know that was a defining moment in my path.

So can you. 

So many people focus on the pain the past causes. 

Ok... I can respect that... 

But here is what I am going to offer you, when you look at your past. 

Nothing from your past can be in your present or future unless you allow it. 

Which means dissecting your thoughts to understand the feeling it brings means you can choose to change the way you think about it to get the feeling you want today. 

Using The D.E.B.A.R. Method will help you...

If the results you are getting today are not the results you want for tomorrow, then YOU HAVE TO DO YOUR WORK!

I believe, everyone should answer this question in the title as NO.

Those who answer yes... questions come to my mind.

Loads of questions. (My mind does that, always trying to understand.) 

1. Have you fulfilled your life in every way or with everything you have ever dreamed of doing, or at least tried, followed and supported?


2. Are you just satisfied and you have no desires to grow any further? You feel stuck and don't know where to go from here and it is easier to ACCEPT than to change. 

In my world, I started to settle. Thinking this was the life that was in front of me, so it must have been just what I was meant to live. I stopped looking into the future to what will be and started drifting through life one day at a time. 

I must admit, there are people who can be in the same place and be truly happy inside, but if you do not have that true warm smile within, I am speaking dir...

Yesterday was a defining day for me. One to put in the record books. 

But first, let's back up 5 years... 

When I started Smile Inside Out, it was a journey of healing for me. I started with a Facebook page which I collected quotes and I wrote what I was thinking. 

Pretty simple really. It made me feel great as each quote was a release for what I was feeling in that moment. 

I started to see how others resonated with the posts, I started to feel my inner self grow and glow. 

Now obviously, my story of how my company was developed is a way bigger story than a few posts from Facebook here and there... but what I am getting at, is that great feeling inside of others understanding what I was feeling, started the momentum to hearing what others were going through. 

I saw something magical happening. I was reaching people and making a difference in their lives. Maybe even the smallest difference, but to me... that mattered. 

It mattered to me so very much that it became my mission to make ever...

Have you ever been effected negatively by something someone has said? 

Of course you have. 

Did you ever ask the question, how do I stop this feeling? 

It's hard to know how when the emotions are so strong. 

Am I right?

If you answered yes, you are not alone. 

Feeling without thinking the RIGHT thoughts creates the rut of staying in a negative emotion. Staying STUCK! 

You don't always have to be in a state of "greatness" but hearing your thoughts about the emotions you are feeling create your control of releasing the negativity. 

Try these 3 steps in order to change what is happening inside you to feel better quickly by listening to your inner self. 

1. What is the emotion I am feeling? 

Write down the emotion you are feeling with a description of the effects you feel in your body.

E.G. I feel sad - heart tightening, face scrunched, shoulders forward. 

2. How Do I want to feel?

Write down the emotion you want to feel. Describe how you want to feel in your body. 

E.G. I want...

"Once you learn how to be happy, you won't tolerate being around people who make you feel anything less."

If you knew me before I diversified 8 years ago, I believe I would appear different today. In a good way. 

Growing up, going to school and even early adult years... attention seeking is what I did. 

Sometimes subconsciously, other times 110% "Look at ME"!! 

At the times it was the "Look at ME" moment ,  I attracted the wrong people or events into my life. 

What was I searching for? Happiness.

Happy on the outside, crying on the inside. 

Do you feel that way? Do you understand that feeling? 

I wanting to be noticed for who I was. Yet, still didn't understand it myself. 

I wanted to make people laugh, like me, include me. Which they did, yet still crying inside. 

I made myself available to be the ear of gossip. 

I made myself available to be the fun party girl. 

I made myself available to be used. 

All of the above did not make me feel good. It made me cry inside. 

I just wanted to be se...

Why you need to let go to grow to make sure you have a better future.

Everyone has baggage from the past, but what we choose to drag around with us today determines how we live tomorrow. 

To make a better future, you have to make sure you have a better past.

Not everything from your past is useful to you, yet we pack it up and carry it around day after day after day. 

Think about it... when we buy a new house. What get's packed? Everything? No way! 

We go through our belongings and pack only what we need to make our new home the best. We toss away the unwanted items that do not serve us. 

Well this is the same with our past. 

As a matter of fact, there are only a few certain things that are actually useful from your past to get the powerful results you want in your future. 

Before you go jumping to judgment about your past experiences, you actually have to commit to yourself to a much bigger and better future than what you are living right now. 

You must believe that your deserving of it... bec...

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