Is this young ball player seeing his future with the major leagues? Maybe he is visualizing the first time stepping onto the field with Dinesh Kumar Pate, the pitcher for Cleveland. The crowd cheering for their team to crush the opposing team. The energy running through his blood give him the feeling that anything is possible. The first time up to bat, the butterflies are racing. First pitch goes by. "STTTTRRIIIKE", he hears the umpire call! "DAMMIT" He hears in his mind. His self talk starts to overtake. "You got this!" "This is what you worked for." "It's all in the timing" BAMM! "I HIT IT!"... 

OR is he seeing the bullies who won't let him play? 

Who are you? What do you see yourself as? Even if you were the kid who was never picked first, do you still see yourself as that child? 

What we choose to believe we will create. Close your eyes and see the victory, see the power behind your thinking. If you focus on the good you can feel that energy building.

Be the person you want t...

Beautiful! Freely Given! Inexpensive! Stylish!

Given to the right person at the right time, could influence what that person does next or maybe the choice they make. 

It has the power to break through walls of indifference and warm a blue heart. 

Let's discover one of your life's most constructive weapons. 

The Smile! 

Did you know...

Your smile can be a predictor of how long you live, and a simple smile has a measuring effect on your over all well being. 

Studies shown from a London University that 35% of people live longer who have been recorded happy most of their lives. 

The smile was rated with the highest positive emotional content. There is magic in a smile. Sometimes your joy can be the reason for your smile, yet again your smile can be the reason for your joy. 

I know for me, it is my strongest attribute. 

Let's look at the science behind the smile. (NO Yawning, I simplified it)

Let's say you meet a friend you have not seen in a long time. 

The positive situation sends neuronal...

I used to sit in class and DREAD having to hear that we had a novel assigned for English Class. "Lord of the Flies" by William Golding.

I would have an inner child spaz. I would already have it in my head that this book is going to "suck". I would say to myself that the book was "going to put me to sleep". Whatever the excuse was, blocked my mind of the possibility to learn. 

The truth... I was a slow reader, not because I couldn't read, reading I did well, but because my mind was so active, to focus on JUST the book was almost impossible. It was my fear that took over of not meeting deadlines, it was the fear of having my peers judge me. (We all know in Jr. High how kind the judgments were from other kids, NOT). It had nothing to do with the ability to learn, lead or grow. That I wanted to do, but just took me longer, way longer than most.

As life went on, reading a book to learn, was a long process. I soon understood the kind of reader I was, a couple pages at a time, or I would pa...

You're Never to Old to Sell Yourself.

Who you knew mattered in the workforce. Well, lets face it, back in the day it sure did. When the heck did that change?

When my head came out of the sand, I had the knowledge I needed to get my new career on the go... everything had changed and word of mouth was out the door.

I have been one of those "lucky" kids, as my friends and co-workers would tell me how I was "the chosen one". (You would think I was someone like Neo from the Matrix, but no, just well connected). I have never had to apply for job, they have been handed to me from my work ethics, from opportunities and from who I knew. If you can create tires screeching in your mind right now... that is sounds I heard in my mind, when I thought to myself, lets find a new path!

In a way I felt cheated, like a rich child who had everything handed to them on a silver platter and had no life experiences. BUT I DO DANG IT! ( I am sure the rich kid says that too). Working hard, creating knowledge, getti...

You have volunteers… Now KEEP them!!

Volunteers are eager like beavers to start on new projects. They show energy and excitement to join your group to make it the best possible experience. They are looking for instant gratification to make a difference.

If they are there, they are there to learn and work. Give them something to do! 

But volunteers are also difficult to show appreciation to, for a number of reasons.

 They may not come around very often, they may come to help weekly, monthly or maybe just for special events. Each time they come to help after a period of  time, a run down of large number of new tasks needs to be gone over. If the manager is busy dealing with a large number of people, then the lack of information and time put in could cause discouragement. Unless, they have been volunteering for a long time, the persons who are supervising don’t typically get to know the individual volunteers very well therefore will not learn how to best encourage them....

I am who I am because I am happy.

When I choose a different way to be to make someone else happy, I destroy my inner being. Therefore, if I am true to who I am, my smiles continue.

If you find yourself surrounded by people who challenge your being… ask yourself why are you around them?

I have learned from my past, not everyone is at peace with who they are, and can easily be drawn to judge, criticize or dislike another person. When you try to be liked or accepted by a negative person, you then bring more unhappiness to yourself. If you accept this thought…“the person is at war with their own thoughts and only if one was happy can accept all others as they are”…. you will find yourself being you, and only you.

Releasing all others who need to find their “own” way before finding their way back to your happiness.

Now that makes me Smile Inside Out

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