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 Performance Coach


Your Strongest Supporter

If you find yourself in any of these statements, you will find working together useful. 

1. "I have reached a plateau in my performance effectiveness as a leader and need to find my way to the next level."

2. "My team does not follow my lead as well as they could." 

3. "I have a gut sense to my leadership skills & effectiveness but I don't know why it work & sometimes why it doesn't."

4. "The team I lead resists my advice."

5. "I want to avoid being as anxious as my team so I can continue to be useful to them."

6. "I don't know who to trust the higher I climb the ladder, I feel alone."

7. "I want to increase my range of leadership with different areas."

8. "I want to improve the way I give tough feedback."

Yvonne from IPE and I are here listening

Clients say

"It's like we have known each other forever"

Coaching is NOT for people who need it.

It's for people who WANT it!

When was the last time you worked with someone whose motivation was to help you succeed?

100% on your side, but also told you the things you needed to hear?

Who gets to the heart of the problem, and helps YOU construct a plan to fix it with solutions.


That is what an awesome coach does! 


Find out if coaching is right for you.


Schedule a conversation today to experience what coaching is and the possibilities it can create for you.



Meet Your Coach - Kryssie Thomson

I started my journey in 2012 to help individuals find their inner smile, their happiness, drive and success in their professional and personal lives.


As I have grown, I find coaching leaders highly rewarding because the works is challenging, stimulating, fun and inspiring. 


I am a Certified Coach, Certified Human Resource Manager, Certified Hypnosis Practitioner plus, Certified in Appreciation at Work.

Prior to being a Leadership Performance Coach, I would be found leading powerful teams, implementing change in one of the most difficult surroundings, by being an influential 360-degree leader in both union and non-union environments.

I have been blessed to work with clients willing to look within themselves, the key ingredient of significant change within themselves and their organization.

This kind of journey requires full engagement and risk taking on the part of both the client and myself - coah.

However, I'm also a realist and know I am not the coach for everyone. 

To find out if we are a good match, contact me for a powerful conversation.



Your vision will be our focus

You know where you want to go. 


I'll be the coach who helps you find the powerful being, you, who had been hidden inside all along. 

But it is up to YOU to do the work to find YOU. 


You will get a highly individualized experience that will change your perspective in a powerful and lasting way, setting you up to achieve greater results than you ever thought possible. 


No issue is left off the table to find solutions for.


Here are some of the challenges that I have helped my clients navigate through:


  • Implementing the next steps in their career. 

  • Directional focus on interpersonal issues and office politics.

  • Dealing with toxic working environments, workplace bullies, and or, narcissistic bosses or co-workers.

  • Team motivation to make them more productive and increase morale.

  • Time Management advancements.

  • Powerful Insights.


What People Are Saying

Andrea Pettigrew

NETP Office Coordinator

“I have worked with Kryssie a few times before committing to 1:1 coaching. 

I have to say working with Kryssie has been rewarding, not only have I gained a great supportive friend, I also have learned so much about myself.

I have gained tools such as the DEBAR Method that I now use on a daily basis.

I highly recommend investing in yourself with Kryssie, it is a choice you will not regret.

Kryssie is personal, compassionate and so easy to work with.”

Linda Gomez

NTC Manger

Kryssie Thomson is an amazing career coach and helped me focus on my goals and strengths. From the first telephone session, I was hooked. I couldn’t wait to provide a weekly update to Kryssie on my achievements and the challenges I overcame during the week. She would give me “homework” where I would set out to overcome a challenge.

Kryssie is an excellent listener, motivator, and communicator. After an overwhelming week, she would help me to remember to focus on my achievements. Sometimes work is not the most encouraging environment. You are there to produce and may feel downtrodden at times. My weekly talks with Kryssie helped me to focus on my successes, and she helped me to remember my ultimate goals and core values; family, helping, education, and humour.

Kerisma Vere / Dynamic Awakening

Fraser Valley, British Columbia

Kryssie is not only kind and empathetic but has a rare understanding and insight into how to change limiting beliefs, patterns, and attitudes that are not getting us the results we want. Her DEBAR Method is a powerful, simple and effective resource that I am excited to have tried but am even more excited to see the long-term results of using it!"

Brenda Vissers / Entrepreneur

Port Alberni, BC

For anyone looking to improve productivity in their department, their business or simply the quality of their working relationship with coworkers, this is a must do workshop.

In the few hours it takes Kryssie to explain the key elements in the importance of appreciation, you will soon realize that you have spent your money AND time wisely.

Kryssie shines in her direct approach. She is on target with all key elements and keeps the dialog flowing through the funny stories and insights she shares.

It is amazing how often the aspect of appreciation is overlooked. Kryssie successfully brings home this simple, yet very important tool to running any business.

Very well done!

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Let's Talk.

Look at you making it this far! 


At this point, there is nothing to lose by scheduling your free discovery session, and everything to gain.


You miss 100% of the shots you don't take ~ Wayne Gretzky


Any information shared is strictly confidential and you are under no obligation to move forward with a paid option. 


My job as a coach is to point to the truth and facilitate insight.


It's not to be smarter than you,  

It's not to be cleverer,  

It's not to persuade you of something, 

It's not to be right. 


It's literally to be with you, listen to you, connect with you and share what seems to be true. 

To see if you can see something new, 

Something that's going to give you a deeper experience in the business you are in, 

A richer experience of life itself going forward. 


We will craft your Vision of what you want to create in your leadership role, your team, your career or your life.

We will work on your Strategy to make your vision your reality. 

Along the way identity any Skill Set Gaps that hold you back from achieving your vision. 

We will look at Mindset Gaps (blind spots) in the edges of your leadership thinking that you didn't even know where there.

Your Action Plan to achieve your vision will be your road map we create for your coaching journey. 

I will show you your leadership edge and I'll challenge you to step beyond it. 

One Step at a Time,

You will Grow!

Are you ready?

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