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"You teach people how to treat you!"


Hey, I am Kryssie Thomson

There is a reason why you are reading this, and you might not yet know why.


See, the thing that I really don’t want you to know about me is that, I have an amazing gift to connect, and yet I can often feel alone.


I can walk into pretty much any room, and create a deep connection with anybody.


To the point that they say that they feel like they have known me forever!

I have developed the ability to read a situation and foresee what’s about to happen at the drop of a hat. Not unsurprising really, as my survival at times in my life has depended upon this skill.

It’s a skill that paradoxically while developed from a need to survive serves me deeply now in my work as a high level coach.

I’m no stranger to leadership either! After all, I spent years leading myself through and subsequently out of environments where leadership from others was absent.

I know I have the ability to transform a room when I speak. To allow energy around me to be elevated to levels that people didn’t think were possible. And yet, all of this comes at a cost.

You see, the dark side to being as open as this to people's emotions, to people’s body language, to being able to read situations instantly is that I am emotionally open and I trust too easily.

Sometimes people take advantage of that.

Maybe you can relate to that?


If so, read on!

You see, I, like yourself, am a high achiever. You probably wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t!

And maybe you can also relate to the one thing that has held me back, and that is my belief in myself.

Sometimes not allowing myself to look at what I am able to do prevents me from seeing things clearly.

From seeing my future clearly.

Sometimes I get caught up in searching for the ONE THING, the one thing that will allow me to catapult myself forwards.

And maybe in doing so I miss the small, yet significant, stepping stones along the way.

Celebrating my successes does not come easily!

The thing is, is that I have accomplished many things.

I have taken my parents farm market and flipped it from almost being shut down to quickly creating 30k in one month from nothing.

I am a born high achiever! Even when someone gives me a goal like raising a couple of thousand at a school fair, I turn around and create over 4 times that. It’s just who I am!

I am proud of the fact that I developed the foundation and support through starting my own coaching and speaking business that has allowed me to leave my professional job. A position that could no longer contain my energy.

And yet, sometimes people find that energy too much. Sometimes I still find myself putting the brakes on, holding back, playing small.

As Marianne Williamson has said: the greatest gift is to let our own light shine, so that we unconsciously give others permission to shine too!

If this resonates with you, call me.


We will speak.

 I am a Leadership Performance Coach


My passion is working with high achievers. 

1. Developing Leadership Capacity

2. Achieving Performance Results 

When Leadership Performance Coaching focuses on these junctions, organizations enjoy a 2 for 1.


Leaders are developing while driving for results. 

They are not taking TIME OUT to develop, but TIME IN to develop while they get their work done. 

The idea is approaching things with an open mind, one that is open to the shifts in mindset and the possibility of solutions from an outside source. 



Human Resource Management Certificated, Coaching Certificated,  Certified Facilitator in Appreciation at Workplace, and Certified Hypnosis Practitioner 


My success has been understanding  the powers of Vision, Emotional Intelligence and being Influential. My continuing passion for brain science in human behavior has evolved my understanding of how our thinking creates our results.   


In all honesty, I care at the end of the day, to see that shine in the eyes that surround me.

Smiling souls...




No, it's rewarding for me to know a shift was made for you, your team and your world.



"Going through a system change at Jim Pattison Lease gave us the opportunity to have a team day. Contacted Kryssie, was immediately impressed with her demeanor and knowledge. Kryssie and Gary came and did a full day course that impressed the team so much so that it's still talked about.


Enthusiastic, intense, relaxed and insightful are only a few adjectives that could be used for the day. 

I would highly recommend Smile Inside and Out to any group looking for a great team building experience."

-  Pieter VandenBos 

Jim Pattison Lease

Burnaby, B.C.

"There are so many amazing work strategies that Kryssie pulled from her toolbox to share with me but her secret sauce is not just her smile, it is her ears. 

She listens.  Really listens.


Kryssie will digest what you say with clear next steps on how to move forward in a positive direction.  And your goals really stick with her as she continues to follow up with  articles and/or podcasts that relate back to conversations we have had. 


Thank you for sharing your smile, and ears with me Kryssie!”

-  Annie Hekker Weiss

The CREATIVEifs Group

Nyack, New York

When I am not doing workshops, seminars, 1:1 coaching


I can be found...


Simply enjoying any nature walks by any body of water,

Hiking with my French Bulldogs,

Hanging with friends or meeting new ones, 




My life is full of adventure, as my kids are grown the world is my oyster! 


If you are dying to know more, here are 4 things you don't know about me... 

1. My favorite number is 4, it is also the month I was born.

2. I was raised on a dairy farm which I am very proud of for my work ethic,

but never again, do I want to milk a damn cow! 

3. I joined ice hockey all at the age of 33, and retired the skates from breaking my knee in soccer at age 37 which to date I have had 4 knee surgeries.


4.  I am love all the great comedy movies for kids which have the adult humor for example Shrek, The Incredibles, Inside Out, and many more.   

I want to learn more about you... 

"In order to understand results, you need to be willing to go within, pull out and dissect the truths."  

-Kryssie Thomson

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