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The D.E.B.A.R. Method

Our mindset is our most important asset, especially when we figure out how to create a healthy mindset. The question is, how do we create a healthy mindset.

Are you the kind of person who reacts first, and says..."Ohhhh crap... I should not have done that, I should not have said that".

I was a 'screen door open' kind of girl...(sometimes still am). Things that came out of my mouth at times, was not always my proudest moment.

I didn't think twice about saying what was on my mind, and in moments, at others expense. Definitely not who I wanted to be. But, I didn't know how to change. I didn't know how to stop the reactions to my thoughts or feeling that were boiling inside of me.

I just knew there was something more. I could feel it, no matter what I did, I knew I had to figure out my emotions.

I fell upon some amazing teachers in my time of need. Oprah being one of them. Just little tidbits of info that I would try out here and there. My favorite was turning everything into a positive. No matter what was happening. Not always as easy as it sounds but I always found the good in every situation. Even if it was the lesson learned, that was the good.

From my journey of reading, listening, watching the many teachers of Abraham, Louise Hay, Byron Katie, Bob Proctor, Napoleon Hill, and so many more, there was always a similar message between them all.

The mind is the most powerful thing. What we think we create.

If this was true, I was creating my feelings, my thoughts, and the way I acted! Which means, I got the exact results in life that was handed to me. Well that fricken sucked when that reality hit me on the head!

This is what I came up with.... The D.E.B.A.R. Method (didn't have a name for it until recently but boooyaaaa it works)

What is The D.E.B.A.R. Method? It is a simple yet powerful way of understanding why you are getting the results you are living. Even better, how to change them! YUP! A simple formula to create a new mindset!

How it works...






1. Dissect your past with a problem you are seeing.

2. Name the Emotion and describe the feelings in your body attached to the emotion.

3. What is your Belief about the current problem you see?

4. What Actions do you take when you think of the current problem?

5. What Results are you getting in life which you are not wanting?

This is a simple formula which you can do on paper and it becomes such a powerful reality. Go back through the method and write the opposite from 2-5. Your problem will never change, but you can.

Keep practicing this... go to my website and sign up for my 5 Day Free Email Course on The D.E.B.A.R Method. Do the work because you deserve to be the person you know you can be.

Today, I am proud of who I am, I am proud of the work I have done, and today I continue to learn and grow into exactly who I want to be.

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