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Would You Be Comfortable Living Life Exactly Where You Are Today Over and Over for the Next 5 Years?

If the results you are getting today are not the results you want for tomorrow, then YOU HAVE TO DO YOUR WORK!

I believe, everyone should answer this question in the title as NO.

Those who answer yes... questions come to my mind.

Loads of questions. (My mind does that, always trying to understand.)

1. Have you fulfilled your life in every way or with everything you have ever dreamed of doing, or at least tried, followed and supported?


2. Are you just satisfied and you have no desires to grow any further? You feel stuck and don't know where to go from here and it is easier to ACCEPT than to change.

In my world, I started to settle. Thinking this was the life that was in front of me, so it must have been just what I was meant to live. I stopped looking into the future to what will be and started drifting through life one day at a time.

I must admit, there are people who can be in the same place and be truly happy inside, but if you do not have that true warm smile within, I am speaking directly to you.

If you answered NO, then change is around the corner for you. Acceptance of "where you are now" is the beginning of understanding the process of change.

In a previous blog post The Comfort of Discomfort

I explain how the resistance in thought patterns keep us in a state of being stuck.

If I was to describe the "feeling" of being stuck it would be knotted stomach, sadness, depression, anxious to give a few. You might be able to add some of your own. Comment below to share your thoughts.

The more I felt these feelings the more I thought I had no way out. The more I thought there was no way out, the more I felt the emotions described. YUCK!

I can not tell you what the exact thing or moment that triggered me to change, maybe it was something as simple as a blog just like this, which made me think. It was just a little ray of sunshine at the end of my tunnel that I needed at that moment to see the future a bit different.

That is when I started to dissect my thoughts. I began writing them down, burning the page after not to be found, but it helped to see my own self on paper. Showing my mind how negative or crippling the thoughts were.

The thoughts I believed were easy to see now.

The more I did work on myself, the more I started to see more of my own light.

As Dr. Joe Diszpensa says, it is the creation of new brain waves that will hard wire your future. This is exactly what I was doing without even realizing it.

I was actually doing The D.E.B.A.R. Method before I even knew I was going to create it. Which is exactly why I created it for you. To show YOU how easy it is to change your thoughts if you are willing to do your work.

Are you ready to do your work on your future? OR Are you willing to stay stuck?

If you find yourself at war within, and this has hit something in the thought patterns, then lets connect.

The beauty of what I do, is be there for anyone who has been where I was.

A Hockey Coach, coaches you on hockey skills.

A Language Coach, coaches you on language skills

A Inner Smile Coach, coaches you on how to have an inner smile and skills to keep it.

I bet all have been there before and know exactly how to overcome it.

I have a intro call absolutely FREE.

What are you waiting for?

You don't need confidence to do it, that will be gained. All you need is the courage to look after YOU.



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