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2 Simple Steps to Self-Love

There is an easy distinction between loving someone else and loving ourselves.

The hard truth is, one is easier than the other to achieve.

I bet not one person reading this decided loving ourselves was easier.

Why is loving ourselves so hard?

Self- love definition: regard for one's own well-being and happiness.

Sounds pretty simple... look after your well-being, and be happy.

But for most, it is the hardest thing to achieve.

We look for happiness everywhere!

In a mate!

In things!

In achievements!

Very rarely do we look inside!

That inside is ourselves!

And the key to unlock it all.

Day in and day out there are traps put out daily to challenge our thinking, our emotions, and even our beliefs to what is real or not.

You spill coffee on your last clean shirt! (Frustration)

We head into a traffic jam and end up late for work. (Stress)

At work, a co-worker walked past you and glares without saying a word. (Concerned)

Realizing you forgot your lunch with too much work to do to leave. (Starving to death)

Heading into the afternoon, you are feeling all these emotions from outside of yourself AND you are going to die of starvation!

You may be asking, 'Kryssie, seriously, how can I have any kind of peace of mind or happiness with this daily shit that happens.'

The answer is simple.

Stop living your life in auto pilot.

Let me explain.

We choose to stay stuck in a past state because our repeated thoughts and reactions have created limits on our vision of what is possible.

Being stuck in that thought process is the auto pilot mode.

Let's dissect one of the examples, a co-worker glaring at you.

If you see the co-worker's glare directed at you, an instant thought might be,

'What's her problem?' 'What did I do?'

You may be going through the memory bank and searching for answers.

Wasting time and energy on thoughts which start to produce chemicals in the brain that trigger your insecurity.

Now beginning to FEEL like your THINK.

While still wasting time and energy, your emotions of frustration, concern and maybe anger boil inside.

Your body at this point goes into a fight or flight mode.

Your stomach knots up, your face frowns and reddens and your shoulders droop forward.

'I don't know what I have ever done to her, I am pissed at her now."

You are now in the state of thinking and feeling, thinking and feeling, thinking and feeling... you get my drift.

'I am not going out of my way for her anymore, I have always helped her with projects.'

This leads to more insecurity and the cycle circulates from being sucked in to the chemical release of the body.

'I am going to speak to Sue, she will know what her problem is."

People stay stuck day after day, month after month, year after year - and always feel insecure.

'Oh, there she is, I am going to ignore her.'

What we think about and the energy or intensity of these thoughts directly influence our health, our actions and the direct results we are receiving in this life.


To begin the change, you need to begin to pay attention to your thoughts.

Make a conscious effort to observe your thought patterns.

You will start to understand that most of your inner negative thoughts are not true.

Just because you have a thought does not mean you have to believe it is true.

Like moving from one house to another, you might end up driving to your old house if you don't make a conscious effort to pay attention to the direction of the car. (I have done this.)

The mind blanks out and goes with what is familiar.

This is exactly what happens with our brain when it comes to thoughts and emotions.


If you continue to think and feel without being aware of how your are thinking and feeling, your only option is to blank out and days become months and months become years.

You then wonder what happened to your relationship with a great co-worker.

These habit become part of your self and then you beat yourself up for feeling negatively, yet don't know why you feel that way.

It takes awareness and effort to break the cycle of thinking that has become unconscious.

Thoughts that are in a conscious state of self love.

'Oh I wonder what is on her mind.'

'I should go see if she is ok.'

Maybe she needs my help'

Do you see the difference of the thinking and feeling patterns.

None of the above have anything to do with you.

Except self love.

Think you have what it takes?

Yes you do! Everyone does!

Is it was easy... everyone would be happy if it was...

But it is sooo fricken worth it!

Step 1:

You need to step out of your routine so you can look at your thinking patterns.

Step 2:

Then you must observe these thoughts without responding to them, so that they no longer find a way into the patterns of your thinking.

Reinventing Yourself

To become a changed person, you have to reTHINK yourself into a new life.

Breaking away from daily routines, spending time alone, thinking and contemplating, examining and speculating about the person you want to become.

It is about asking yourself the questions you don't want to answer.

1. What if I stopped being unhappy?

2. What if I no longer hold grudges?

3. What if I started telling myself the truth?

Take a moment to answer these questions.

If you choose not to, you are like most, ignore and stay in auto pilot.

If you took half an hour to answer these 3 questions, you may have found a little piece of self-love that will start you on your way to thinking in a conscious mind.

Thinking for a change is like a fidget spinner.

If you do it long enough it become addictive.

Be You, everyone else is taken.

I bet you will LOVE who you are!

Are You Committed?

If you want to take MASSIVE ACTION to move forward.

If you are willing to DO YOUR WORK.

If you are ready to GET UNSTUCK.

If you are ready to FEEL BETTER.

I am here for you.

A 1:1 call with me to see if we are a great fit to work together is a click away...

No action, no change.

Working together will increase your conscious state of being, to soar to new heights.

Your Inner Smile Awaits.

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