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Vision Boards: The Way to Accelerated Growth at Work.

Make your vision so clear that your fears become irrelevant.


There is something to be said about drifting off into a day-dream.

Going so deep within your own self that the person speaking to you, is just a gentle breeze on the beach.

All of a sudden their voice becomes a slight recognition and you gain knowledge of your whereabouts.

"Kryssie... Hey Kryssie, you with us?"

You come back to reality, and smile.

You have no idea where you were, how you put yourself into a deep state of nothing or wherever THAT was, it felt amazing.

About 2 years ago, I started researching what the top business owners were doing.

I studied how they managed their culture, their teams, their companies in a whole, their every day lives.

The one commonality of every single one of these successful beings was deep thinking, meditation, rituals of gratitude and clear visions.

These are top notch people like Oprah, the Richard Bransons' of the world, to Tony Robbins, to Richard Dolan and even Phil Town, who is the Rule #1 Investor.

Each and every one of these individuals mentioned are people who purposely create their vision with their heart and mind connected as one.

One of the most powerful, popular books in today business world is by a fellow as you may know as Napoleon Hill who wrote Think and Grow Rich.

Have your heard of that book? Most likely you have!

Have you read that book?

Did you put what you read into action?

Most have not.

Today more and more people are opening their mind to a new way of being.

1937 was the published year of Mr. Hill's book, he knew about this tool back then, and now we are catching on.

In which he speaks freely about THINKING and Grow Rich.

That is not saying stop working and just start thinking of what you want and you will grow rich.

You can buy the book if you are interested in learning more.

My purpose today is to share with you a part of how you can today make a difference for your tomorrow in a two hour exercise.

Vision within the Company!

In my research companies have VISIONS for their company.

Don't get this mixed up with the mission statement, as there is a vast difference between the two.

The Mission statement of a company is to clarify the "what" or the "who" of the company.

Where the Vision statement defines the "why" or the "how" of the company.

Some might call it the "goals" which is true, but the goals are just a simple step to allow the process to see your vision.

Also, in saying that, your vision should be changing often as you achieve.

Some smaller companies I have researched, have a vision statement, but it has been the same for the last 2 years of my research.

Which means their teams... are not paying attention to the bigger picture any more.

Which means they are stale.

Your vision should be always changing as you achieve what you put forth.

Individual Vision Boards

Here is where you come in as your own creator.

Whether you are a business owner or an employee, you need a vision for your future.

Otherwise, you are "drifting" through life and life controls you.

The power of creating a vision starts with a desire to take control of your own life, your own destination.

I love the phrase, stop focusing on the plane, as it does not matter how you get there, it is the destination that matters.

Even if you work for someone else, you are always in control of how you "show up" on a daily basis.

At my last workshop, my work was described as "showing individuals how to work in their jobs from their heart."

That's exactly how I want to show up, because my heart is always in it. Goose bumps!

Let's create!

Creating Your Vision Board

1. Be Specific - You need to know what your wants are. Take 10 minutes and create a list of wants, do not hold back.

2. Keep it simple - Having categories will help you simplify your board.

Here are the 8 categories that I use:

- Inner Life: your peace of mind, quality of thinking, self- worth, emotional self, your connection to core values.

- Health: meal plan, fitness plan, overall health of living.

- Family: having time for loved ones, connections

- Career/ Business: What are you reaching for?

- Financial Wealth: Investments, being able to give, place of abundance, live on your terms, do great work, enjoy the journey.

- Circle Of Genius: Who do you want to spend time with? What are the values of the people who you want surrounding you? The top 5 people you surround yourself with are the equivalence of who you will become.

- Adventure: Have fun in the things you do. Explore. Travel. Stay young. Keep open to new ideas. Create your passion.

Vision Board Creation Workshop

- Impact: Legacy, what do you want to be remembered for? What will people say about your? Give your life to those around you. Make a difference.

3. Connect- Grab a pin board or poster board, magazines or search online for photos or quotes which match your vision.

4. Create- Arrange them on your poster board in a flowing way. Do not clutter the board. Put the date on the back of your board.

5. Grab a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle. On one side write Goals on the other side write Purpose.

Under the goals, rewrite the thought download list and under the purpose, write down the why and feeling of having achieved it.

6. Put both your hands on your hear. Sit with your board, look at it, look at every picture and "feel" the emotion of that picture. Feel with your heart.

7. Put your board somewhere that you are going to see it morning and night. Spend a few minutes daily doing the heart exercise in Step 6. As your vision becomes reality write the date on the picture.

You are welcome to join us in person at our local events by email us to find out the next available workshop.

Or better yet, have your whole team on board and I will come to you.

There is something to be said about all the top performers knowing their vision.

Success if yours for the taking!

Remember, success is what you believe it to be. Not how much money you make, not what position you hold, but how you show up and how you create your day.

Now that has to put a smile on your face just thinking about it.

To learn more, check this out.

Happy Creating.

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