Help people think better - Don't tell them what to do. 

~ David Rock

I recently read a book that exploded my thinking cap. 

It's a must share. 

Well that is what happened to me with the book Quiet Leader by David Rock. 

Let me start by saying... I hate being told what to do. 

I actually get into a pissy pant party if I get told what to do.

Just ask my parents, it started at a young age. 

The tag on this book... Help people think better - Don't tell them what to do, made me jump for joy! 

Unless a runaway bus is coming down the road directly toward me and I am on the crosswalk, then hell yes tell me to MOVE! 

But there is a larger picture.

I notice how everyone is googlfied! (My new word)

What is googlfied? 

My definition: a problem, idea or question comes to someones mind, and someone will google it to find the answer  instead of staying within their creative thinking to come up with something new or find they had the answers all along. 

Also known as a quick fix. 

Now this is not a ba...

 Whoever gossips to you, will gossip about you.

-Phillip Sydney

Have you ever been in a conversation that started with, "OMG have your heard that..." 


I have this one acquaintance who starts every starting sentence with, "you know I don't gossip right, but I just want to let you know..." 

Everyone at some point in their lives have been the creator of the rumor mill, joined in the rumor mill, been an ear for the rumor mill, or has been the topic of the rumor mill. 

Let's look at these and dissect the perspective of the giver and the receiver to understand. 


Yes, I want you to understand why people gossip, why you listen, or why you start it. 

The question to ask is simple...


So let's look at the different types of Rumor Mills...

Creator of the rumor mill.

There are 2 kinds of creators. 

One that tells their perspective as the truth, and those who just create because they can. 

People will believe their own thoughts as true about you even if it is the farthest thi...

I teach people how to treat me by what I allow.

- Steve Covey

When I first was introduced to the the concept of appreciation languages, I must say, I was a bit skeptical.

Everyone has something that helps with that one thing in which to fix everything. 


There is this method, and that code, oh but try this way and that way. 

After you learn these tools, then you are to remember, your animal meaning or color meaning. 

Damn... I must be red bull, cause now I am mad that I just spent the weekend learning the formula and now I forgot. 

At the time, I was going through my own personal self-growth, and always looking for a good audio-book. 

I was traveling to and from Toronto a ton with CUPW (Canadian Union of Postal Workers), as I was union president with negotiations in the very near future.

During one visit, I took advantage of my time in Ontario and headed to Ottawa, where my cousin lives with her family. 

When Marysia introduced and explained to me  the The 5 Love L...

'When you assume, you make an ass out of you and me'.

- unknown

Obviously, no one will turn into a donkey with assumptions, but definitely have the likely hood of being or looking like a jack-ass.

If you have been following me for sometime, you know I believe there is always 3 Sides to Every Story, not 2. 

Past experiences can create assumptions on the fly. 

If a doctor has a patient come in to his office to check on a large spot that is darkening on the patients skin. 

The GP will ask a series of questions trying to eliminate what he already assumed. 

When the spot appeared, if it is painful, if it is itchy etc. 

The doctor might order a series of tests or send the patient as a referral to a specialist. 

In your head, you are already thinking skin cancer and the specialist is a dermatologist. 

Why, because we see the cancer symptoms loads in media and it so very much in our world that it is becomes easy to assume. 

Yet, that darkening spot could be as simple as age spots, liv...

There is an easy distinction between loving someone else and loving ourselves. 

The hard truth is, one is easier than the other to achieve. 

I bet not one person reading this decided loving ourselves was easier. 

Why is loving ourselves so hard? 

Self- love definition: regard for one's own well-being and happiness. 

Sounds pretty simple... look after your well-being, and be happy. 

But for most, it is the hardest thing to achieve.

We look for happiness everywhere!

In a mate!

In things!

In achievements!

Very rarely do we look inside! 

That inside is ourselves! 

And the key to unlock it all. 

Day in and day out there are traps put out daily to challenge our thinking, our emotions, and even our beliefs to what is real or not. 

You spill coffee on your last clean shirt! (Frustration) 

We head into a traffic jam and end up late for work. (Stress)

At work, a co-worker walked past you and glares without saying a word. (Concerned)

Realizing you forgot your lunch with too much work to do to...

Everyone has an their own ideas on how they would handle that spoiled rotten kid who runs their parents' lives in a negative way. 

But we have no idea how to manage our employees who have tantrums when they don't get their way, are mean as hell to others or just takeover the workplace in a negative way. 

How's this working for you?

I am going to go out on a limb, that might not be as sturdy as I would like, but I am sure a negative work environment was created by how we have allowed employees to act, work and engage with everyone around. 

So let's get one thing straight, I am not speaking about all workplaces. 

There are some amazing cultures throughout the world who have mastered workplace appreciation, as well as the climate control of the environment in a whole.

When a new employee starts a job, they are excited to be part of a team.

They are proud of the accomplishment of  landing the position of their choice. 

But somewhere from that first day to the present day,...

Let's face it, sometimes life is just a whirlwind. 

I can't take the time to smell the roses because I didn't have time to fricken plant the damn rose garden! 

Life if going to happen all around us everyday, whether we like it or not.

That is the perfect guarantee in life. 

What is not the guarantee is how much of that will effect us... 

or is it? 

Something may happen around us, but our thinking of beliefs, emotions and actions are the reason for our results in life. 

You must give yourself the responsibility to make time for your thinking if you want to stay in the game.  

Yes! You have to make time to think! 

But only if it is thinking for a change! 

Not thinking to dwell! 

Understanding the power of your thinking will create the results you want in any area of your life. 

You might be saying, that's fine and dandy miss smiles, but I have too much on my plate to even think about thinking. 

Well all I have to say to that is... 

How's that working for ya?

Everyday, people make ex...

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